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Fast, action packed racing

If you like mario kart and forza 3 then odds are you'll like blur because it's almost as if those two were combined in this games extremely fun action packed racing.
The racing in blur is mostly stuff we've seen before, nothing special but it does this very well, but luckily it has something to set itself apart from the rest of the races in these power ups. the power ups range from shields and repairs to lazer missile things and shockwaves coming from your car, these keep each race from seeming the same and makes for one unpredictable fun time. The tracks are different from one another so no two tracks feel the same by adding water puddles, dirt patches and steep or flat turns make for a lot of different situations. The power ups also can make for strategy, like holding on to your shields for any incoming shunts or lightning bolts. There is a good sense of speed in the game, flying by the building with slight blur effects and interesting surroundings. the selection of cars is good with each having varying skills for offroad, grip and speed to fit your liking. You can also equip a mod set for multiplayer and for single player you set mods to certain cars. The mods for multiplayer are basically your loadouts.
The graphics are just good, not the best we've seen but it still looks good. It fits the name with it's neon look. The cars look good and again the sense of speed is fantastic, the lense flare of the headlights and tail lights fits perfectly into what the game is trying to do here and all together it makes for a fresh looking game.
The best thing about Blur in my opinion is the multiplayer, it has a 1-50 level ranking system and through it you unlock cars, mods and some paint jobs. It's easy enought to level up for a player who doesn't always win, but getting to fifty in itself is an achievement so the good players that get there in a snap feel accomplished.
Overall Blur is a solid and extremely fun racing game for the serious racer as well as the arcade racing fan.


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