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The Board of Education is a unique nail board weapon found in the Clifftop Shacks, a landmark to the southeast of Oasis in the northern region of the Capital Wasteland. It can be repaired using common nail boards, but it does additional damage and has a greater reach. Additionally, unlike ordinary nail boards, the Board of Education has a chance to cause critical hits. It is found in the grip of a skeleton laying on a bed in an abandoned shack guarded by Super Mutants.  Nail Boards do not do too much damage in one swing compared to other melee weapons in Fallout 3 but they have a fast swing, allowing for a fast succession of blows. They also have a long reach, comparable to other melee weapons like sledgehammers, swords, baseball bats, and pool cues. The Board of Education is even faster than its common counterparts found in the Wasteland. It also does more damage with each hit and its condition degrades slower than other nail boards. Its condition degrades two and a half times as slowly as a regular nail board. It weighs four pounds. One swing with the Board of Education requires 27 Action Points.

You can find a video showing the location of the Board of Education here.

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