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Bobbin Threadbare is a member of the Guild of Weavers.  Like all Weavers, Bobbin is able to cast a variety of magical spells (called drafts) using a special object called a Distaff.

Bobbin wears a hooded white robe, white gloves and white boots.  The hood covers his whole head and only his eyes are visible.

At the start of Loom, Bobbin is summoned by the council elders of his guild.  However, when he arrives at the meeting, he witnesses the elders suddenly transform into swans and fly away.  He picks up the Distaff that was dropped on the floor by one of the elders and sets off on an adventure to find out exactly what happened to them.

Legend has it, if you take off a Weavers hood, instant death awaits you.  Does anyone try it?  You'll have to find out for yourself...

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