Body Armour - Concept or Object?

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I was just wondering if body armour should be an object. I kn ow that the idea of having body armour is a concept, but surely if the character is wearing it then it becomes an object. You pick up body armour in in most games. So isn't this an object with an effect? If body armour is considered a concept then shouldn't health packs, or even hamburgers, also be concepts because they have effects? Just curious about other opinions on this.

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Yes it should be an object. I mean like when you find some stuff like a weapon it is considered an object.

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Body armor should be an object and armor should be a concept. Armor concept should have a sub section for body armor (as opposed to vehicle armor, etc...)
However Body Amour is a concept that I can get behind.

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I agree and think it should be an object. 
In the same way "pants" are.

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I must say it is both because Body armor is a concept that is used as an object.

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