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Body Blows Galactic developed and published in 1994 by Team 17 is a sequel to the fighting game Body Blows. Compared with its predecessor it has greater graphics with better drawn and shaded figures, sadly it is slower than the original Body Blows and the collision detection is extremely frustrating.

The game was released in two different versions, as an AGA version for machines like Amiga 1200/4000 which makes use of the machine's 256-colour capability. The other version is for ECS machines like Amiga 500/600 and features the standard 32-colour mode graphics. The AGA version has better graphics and better sound but the ECS version is more playable because it runs a bit faster than the AGA one.


The game offers three distinct game modes:

  • One player mode: This is a kind of a tournament where the player can choose one of the twelve characters and fight through six different planets and win the coveted title "Galactic Champion". On each planet the player will face the two best fighters a planet has to offer.
  • Two player mode: Single fight against a human opponent or a cpu opponent
  • Tournament: 4 or 8 human players can contest against each other.

The player can choose between 10 new massivley diverse characters all with new moves and special abilities plus two old ones(Dan and Junior) taken from Body Blows.

The fighting places are located on planets. There are six different planets to choose from and each planet is represented by two of the twelve characters.


Sometimes referred to as the

Blue Planet. A terrestrial planet

located in the Solar System.

Dan, Junior


This planet does not rotate but still

revolves arround it's sun. So one

side of the planet is hot and the

other side is frozen.

Inferno, Warra


A planet dominated by women.

Men inhabit this planet are only

known as lesser beings who have

no say in governmental issues.

Azona, Kai-ti


This planet can be compared

with the Earth in its Prehistoric

age when dinosaurs ruled.

Gellorn-5 is very humid and

consists mainly of rainforest.

Dino, Dragon


A comet landed a direct hit on

Miasma and the planet shattered.

Since the comet's impact every

living thing on Miasma became

an individual energy mass.

Phantom, Puppet


Located in the periphery of the

known universe this planet is

the most advanced of any of the

other planets.

Lazer, Tekno


NameDescriptionSpecial Moves

Blonde warrior girl from the

planet Feminion. She fights

on a hover board and most

of her moves involve jumping

or swingig around on her board.

Forward Flipper

Back Flipper

Dive Bomb

Flying Saucer


Fighter from the Earth with

a fairly standard set of moves,

except the impressing

Inner-Energy Bolt which

sends a charged fireball

into the opponents.

Power Punch


Deflector Bolt

Inner-Energy Bolt


Inhabitant of the planet

Gellorn-5 with a small little

rider on his back. With his

special move called "Slingshot"

he attacks opponents by

throwing his backing friend

into them.

Dino Blast


Jaw Snap

Super Swish



Like Dino he is also from

Gellorn-5. Not the fastest but

one of the strongest

characters in the game. His

special move called

"Dambuster" is a bouncing

bomb attack.

Grab & Crush

Bull Charge




He is a human fireball from

the planet Eclipse with a long

fiery tail. His special move

named "Heatseeker" is a

burning Catherine wheel he

coverts into and hits his

opponents with.

Flame Hook

Flying Flame



The second earthling in the

game who uses a powerful

fireball called "Fists Of Fury"

as his special move. Junior

is a fast British boxer and

is named after one of the

programmers of Body Blows.

Iron Uppercut

The Blitz

Fists Of Fury


The second female from

the planet Feminion.

She is the fastest character

in the game with her almost

invincible move called

"Jaw Breaker".


Jaw Breaker

Triple Kick

Finger Press


A visor wearing karateka

from the the technologic

advanced planet Titanica.

His punches and kicks

are fast and he can shoot

"Laser Beams" at his


Lightning Strike

Flying Kick

Flying Lightning Strike

Laser Beam


A leg-less and ghost-like

inhabitant of Miasma

wearing a robe. He has a

good set of special moves

and the ability of energy-matter

transformation allows him to

dissappear and appear on

various points in the fight area.

Rising Death


Sonic Wave

Super Swoop


Another fighter from the

shattered planet Miasma.

He is built out of a collection

of cones and energy orbs and

has a Venetian mask as face.

His special move "Disarmer"

gives him the longest reach

of all characters in the game.



Super Stretch



Full metal robot from the

planet Titanica. With his

special move "Thunder Shot"

he can fire missiles at his

opponents. Altogether Tekno

is a slow and awkward fighter.

Power Pull

Retro Thrust

Retro Blast

Thunder Shot


From the frozen side of the

planet Eclipse. With his

special move "Big Freeze"

he freezes his opponents

with his icy breath. Warra

has also a good range of

punches and kicks.

Ice Fist

Ice Pick

Spinnin Scythe

The Big Freeze




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