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Ken vs Ken in an alternate universe

Body Blows is a title born out of the quality of the Amiga port of Street Fighter II. Upon the Amiga port of SFII being released Team 17 realized that the port was of low quality and this now left them with a hole in the Amiga market that, with the right game, they could exploit. Body Blows was the result of this.

Body Blows is as classic a SFII clone as you can possibly get and many moves for the titles main two characters (Nik and Dan) are clones of Ryu and Ken's moves from the Street Fighter series. One of the key achievements Team 17 reached when developing Body Blows is that it is one of the first titles that could run on every Amiga ever made giving the game a large player base.

Body Blows was followed up by Body Blows Galactic and then Ultimate Body Blows. Both of which contained more than the 11 characters found in the original Body Blows.


Name DescriptionSpecial Moves

Nik's brother. Similar in

fighting style to Nik. He

has learnt to control rage

to produce bolts of pure


Speed: Medium

Strength: Good

Power Punch

Super Roundhouse

Deflector Bolt

Inner-Energy Bolt


Fat wrestler with a special

earthquake move that is

performed by jumping up in

the air and splashing down

chest first. For what he may

lack in brains, he more than

makes up for with brawn.

Speed: Medium-Fast

Strength: Good

Battering Ram

Super Slam

Hammer Hook

Body Slam

Earth Tremor


British bulldog boxer

banned from legal boxing.

Junior's style comes from

his boxing background and

his main attack is a quick

puch flurry. He is actually

named after one of the

designers on the game.

Speed: Medium-Fast

Strength: Good

Iron Uppercut

The Blitz

Fists Of Fury


He was originally a USSR

dancer that won many

medals for his country.

Embarrassed by the

ridicule he received for his

background Kossak set

about building the world's

most perfect body.

This led to him becoming

incredibly strong but very

slow. Much like Zangief in


Speed: Slow

Strength: Awesome



Driller Killer


He is a monk from Shaolin

in China who was lured

away from his temple

by the temptation of big

dollars on the fighting


Speed: Medium-Fast

Strength: Fair

Arrow Hand

Spinning Super Kick

Flame Of Buddha


She uses her "assets" and

good looks to distract her

opponents. She is a fighter

that is low on power but

high on speed.

Speed: Fast

Strength: Poor

High Split Kick

Jaw Breaker

Flying Splits Kick

Flamenco Fury


He is a general all round

brawler. Boss champion

of the game with a

terrible secret.

Electro Charge

Light Speed

Fire Ball


Business man and slave

to the rat race turned

nutter fighter. He has the

ability to turn himself into

a whirlwind.

Speed: Medium-Fast

Strength: Fair

Whirlwind Punch

Whirlwind Kick



He is a local gang leader

and has hatred for his

brother Dan. His main

moves are a powerful

uppercut and the ability

to throw lightning balls.

Speed: Medium

Strength: Good

Power Punch

Super Roundhouse

Inner-Energy Bolt


He can use the ability to

transport and turn invisible

to turn the tide of a match.

One of the most annoying

things about this charater

is the incessant need for

the character to shout

"ninja" every 2 seconds.

Speed: Medium

Strength: Good


Ninja Death Roll

Ninja Sword Spin

Super Shadow


This is the terrible

secret of Max!

He is a Terminator!


A Character that lacks any

interesting back story but

has one notable ability.

Yitu can teleport across the

entire screen before

punching someone in the

face then teleporting back.

Speed: Awesome

Strength: Fair

Super Leap

Speed Of Light


Building Site
Costa Brava
Inside Building
Ninja Cavern
Russian Lab
Shaolin Temple
Wrestling Arena

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