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Each game in the franchise features a boy named, Boku, who has been sent off to enjoy a month long summer vacation. During the course of the month the player is given many different activities in which they can participate in during the course of the day. From one-off events/activities to events/activities that take place over the course of several days and to events/activities that can be done everyday. At the end of each day, Boku will draw a representation of his day in his diary. The goal of Boku no Natsuyasumi is to have an fun-filled and exciting summer vacation that creates many lasting memories.

The series provides a very idyllic depiction of a Japanese summer vacation with a very nostalgic atmosphere for the different eras represented in the franchise.


Promotional Art for Boku 2 by Mineko Ueda
Promotional Art for Boku 2 by Mineko Ueda

The development for the franchise is handled by Millennium Kitchen and headed up by studio head, game director and creator of the Boku no Natsuyasumi franchise, Kaz Ayabe. The art and character designs for all four entries in the series have been done by Japanese illustrator, Mineko Ueda, who lends her distinct and unique look to the franchise.

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