So, what's his name?

#1 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

Does the bomb in the logo for Giant Bomb have a name or what?

#2 Posted by shadows_kill (3165 posts) -

his name is little_shadows_kill

#3 Posted by clarke0 (1077 posts) -

His name is... Bomb.

#4 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -

What a lame name.

I nominate Creedence.
#5 Posted by Red (5994 posts) -

I nominate Little Billy.

#6 Posted by Thecookiejar (44 posts) -


#7 Posted by Snail (8662 posts) -

It's the Giant Bomb?

#8 Posted by breton (1437 posts) -
#9 Posted by jakob187 (21763 posts) -

I vote for Crazy Willy!

#10 Posted by SoothsayerGB (1468 posts) -
#11 Posted by gla55jAw (2698 posts) -

I say Shoobadupe

#12 Posted by Thecookiejar (44 posts) -


#13 Posted by BiggerBomb (6944 posts) -


#14 Posted by McPlated (133 posts) -

Little Boy or Fat Man are my votes

#15 Posted by Yit (761 posts) -

Bomby McBomberson

#16 Posted by Bonesofwar (262 posts) -

Probably Master Chief, or something Xbox 360 related.

#17 Posted by Claude (16254 posts) -
#18 Posted by albedos_shadow (1485 posts) -

Bomby the Wonder-Bomb.

#19 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -
BiggerBomb said:
I c wut u did thar
jakob187 may be onto something with Willy, but I think the word before should be changed. Like, Big Willy or something. Then, you get the sexual reference as well as a bonus!
#20 Posted by End_Boss (3220 posts) -
BiggerBomb said:
#21 Posted by Gorillawhat (1259 posts) -

His name is Wilson, 2nd cousin to the "Cast Away" celebrity of the same name.

#22 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

The Bomb With No Name.

#23 Posted by RHCPfan24 (8609 posts) -

I vote "Little Man".

#24 Posted by DoctorTran (1575 posts) -
Yit said:
"Bomby McBomberson"
Win. Close thread now.
#25 Posted by JamesBoyce (295 posts) -

Chemotherapy wig.

#26 Posted by MattyFTM (14434 posts) -

It's called dave.

#27 Posted by StaticFalconar (4850 posts) -

Hes called Gomb-omb; he related to Mario's own Bomb-omb

#28 Posted by BoG (5192 posts) -

His name is Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

#29 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

His name is Hamburgers, cause he's da bomb

#30 Posted by Lunarbunny (1025 posts) -
#31 Posted by Gizmo (5389 posts) -
Gorillawhat said:
His name is Wilson, 2nd cousin to the "Cast Away" celebrity of the same name.

Damn it Gorilla! I have spent the last 8 years trying to recover from how sad that film made me feel, then you bring back these horrible, horrible memories!
#32 Posted by HazBazz (1901 posts) -

Its name is 'Bomb With A Face, But Not Really A Mean One, This Bomb Isnt Angry About Being Destructive, Its Totally Excited, It Was Born To Blow Up And Its Totally Going To Blow Up And It Couldnt Be Any Fricking Happier About It, But Maybe Theres A Hint Of Mischief In There As Well?!"

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