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Bombuzal is a puzzle game originally developed by Image Works for many US and European home computers such as the Amiga, the Atari ST and the Commodore 64. The goal is to clear each stage of its bombs by detonating them, all the while remaining in one piece. As stages progress, the game increasingly relies on the "single correct course of action" approach similar to other computer puzzle games like Sokoban or Puzznic. Failure to ascertain this correct path would require restarting the stage, as inevitably the player would end up trapped on an island with bombs remaining (or face an inescapable explode-y fate).

Mirrorsoft's SNES version was released in Japan as Bombuzal, but was renamed Ka-blooey for its US release. The game holds the distinction of being the third ever game to be released on the Super Nintendo console as well as being the first port.


In order to advance to the next level Bombuzal must detonate all the bombs on the level without killing himself. The bombs vary in size and some of them can't be directly detonated, they have to be detonated via a chain reaction. In later levels hazards such as disappearing floors and ice floors are added. The player can switch between viewing modes - an isometric view of the field and a top-down view.

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