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 About to give a 'clean' BJ.

 One of the early bosses.
BoneTown is a third person perspective sandbox game that borrows some core idead from titles such as Grand Theft Auto, Larry and 3D erotic/pornographic games. At the beginning of the game players are given limited possibilities of character customization (including only name and race). As the player makes progress by defeating bosses and completing tasks the new abilities unfold. The protagonist may also change clothes and weapons, which vary in 'strength' (used to deal more damage) and 'balls' (used to gain access to more attractive females) parameters. Every main task of the storyline ends with a sexual intercourse. Having sex (either oral, vaginal or anal) also restores player's health. The whole game is accompanied by iconoclastic, goofy sense of humor (similar to e.g. Postal 2) that often highlights explicit sex scenes, racial stereotypes, heavy drug use (drugs are used as boosts - such as higher jumping or faster movement - in the game) and extreme sarcasm. Even if the game resembles GTA you cannot drive any vehicles.


  •  Acquaman.
    Dances with Pink Elephants
  • Acquaman - Latin Superhero 
  • Abe Schnook - The Rabbi
  • Joseph Smith - Founder of Mormonism
  • James T. Jerk - a Star Trek like character fighting with a lightsaber
  • Buttman
  • Satan

Weed fights

40 oz Jesus.

Weed figts are regular boss batles, but the player - instead of a special skill - is awarded with an upgraded weed pipe that enhances the drug's effect. 
  • Bruce - the Dancing Queer
  • White Jesus - God's Only Son
  • Jebediah Ketchum - the Missionary
  • Dinger
  • Moses - the Original Gangster
  • Paramanda Nogahosomie
 Moses, the OG.

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