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A clay promotional figure of Boney.

Boney (Boni in Japan) is one of the several playable characters in Mother 3. He is the only playable character (in the entire Mother franchise) who is not either a human or humanoid (towards the end of EarthBound, all the main characters are transformed into robots). Boney is also comparable to King, the dog in EarthBound (although King is not playable). Boney is Lucas' and Claus' dog, although Boney was originally Flint's dog. Boney can only equip items such as hats and collars (only one weapon is available for Boney), and cannot use PSI powers. He can "sniff" enemies for their weaknesses. Boney joins the party near the beginning of the game, and stays in the party until the end of the game.

Boney is also one of the many stickers in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The sticker gives 16 in PK attacks for Ness (the main character of EarthBound) and Lucas.

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