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Out to save the world from a doomsday meteor, Bonk sets out across jungles, deserts, and lava fields to find a way to stop the impending doom and deal with its peculiar side effects. Magnetic fields and meteorite strikes have set the animals and inhabitants of the world on a crazed rampage. Rendered in 3D, the game is played from a  side scrolling view and combines classic platforming elements from the series' past entries like climbing, spin jumping and bonking with new powerups like the ice mohawk that allow Bonk to freeze and shatter enemies.  
A series of new pick-ups, primordial ooze transofrmations, and a combo multiplier system are also included as well as promised online co-op play and even downloadable content to extend the experience. New screenshots show the return of King Drool, his hatchet-wielding, skull-headed minions, the spring flowers, and many classic dinosaur enemies all rendered in 3D.

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