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Boogie Bunnies is a match-3 puzzle game for the Xbox Live Marketplace (800 points). Players must try to shoot colored bunnies at an army of fast approaching colored bunnies in order to take them out.


The upper part of your screen starts with several different colors of bunnies with increasing starting amounts, and it's your job to match at least three of the same color bunnies in a row (as long as they're touching). You do this by launching your bunny from the bottom of the screen upward. You can move in a "U" shape around the board as you can use the left, bottom, and right hand side to launch your bunny.

Some bunnies do special things:

  • Red: Will explode surrounding bunnies.
  • Teal: 2x multiplier, causes bunnies to dance.
  • Purple: Causes entire row to explode.

There are different areas including Ice, Jungle, Beach, and the Walk of Fame. You'll have to play multiple levels in an area before you move on to the next scene. In each area, bunnies will change costumes to mirror the area such as tiki masks in the jungle and swimsuits and floaties at the beach.

There are 4 types of game you can play:

  • Arcade Mode: Same as Classic though bunnies come down onto screen every few seconds regardless if you play a bunny or not.
  • Classic Mode: Bunnies come onto screen after so many plays.
  • Endless Mode: Play until you fail for the highest score.
  • Xbox Live Co-Op: Simply play online.

This game has 12 achievements equaling 200 Gamer Points.

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