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Boom Boom Rocket

Boom Boom Rocket is one of the latest games in Bizarre Creations library of XBLA and PSN titles.  As soon as you start up the game you’ll see that it’s been developed by the same people that brought you Geometry Wars, the games colorful display mocks Geo Wars fun style and gameplay as well.  The game only costs $10 on PSN and 800 precious Microsoft points for XBLA.

Boom Boom Rocket is a music game of it’s own kind.  You have to match the buttons on the screen as they cross the line, the music in the background adds to the gameplay as different songs will have you hitting the buttons in a different sequence.  There is a good amount of variety in the music as well, no matter what kind of music style you appreciate there is a mix for everyone, but overall you will enjoy every track.  There is three difficulty levels, hard being the most intense but feels quite rewarding if you score high.  Arcade games are known for their achievement difficulty, but for those achievement whores out there you’ll squeeze about 5-7 achievements out of this one as their basic and easy to acquire.

The gameplay is where the game is really fun.  There are five game modes to play around although most noticeably Standard Game mode and Endurance, each are different in the way their played.  Standard will have you playing a song all the way through on the difficulty of your choice and Endurance has you doing laps with the song.  Endurance is quite fun because each lap the song gets faster and you have to react quickly to match all the buttons when they cross the line.  Among other modes are Freestyle and Visualizer, which are useless and feel tacked on.  Nothing to worry about since you will never play either.

Boom Boom Rocket’s unique style is in presentation, when you match each button while it flies across the line it will activate fireworks.  The more buttons you match with the line the higher your score gets and also you unlock unique firework patterns.  Bizarre knew that the gamer would eventually be bored of the same old songs, which is why they’ve included a Boom Boom Rocket Guitar Pack, which offers new tracks such as Cannon in D, Sugar High and Explode to Jov.  If you choose to you can connect a second control and play against your buddy to see who the ultimate Boom Boom champ is.

In conclusion Boom Boom Rocket is a fun game that offers a unique style to the gamer.  If you’re bored and looking for a game to give you some temporary fun this is the title to play.  It’s disappointing that you cannot play other players on Live or PSN but who needs a partner when the game is fun playing solo.  If you’re a fan of Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved this is a great addition to your games library.

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