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Boomba is often the first ogre that young adventurers ever meet. And is he is certainly often the first ogre that they meet that doesn't immediately try to crush their skulls. Some find it strange to find an ogre immediately after entering the gates of Freeport, but Boomba doesn't intend to harm anyone. He isn't really interested in talking either. Boomba's passion is pickling, and he will sell you jars of various flavors of pickled meats. Being an ogre, though, his idea of meat includes the flesh of not just animals but also the likes of dwarves, elves, gnomes, and even orcs.




  • Coalition of Tradefolk
  • Coalition of Tradefolk Underground
  • Knights of Truth
  • Merchants of Qeynos

Items Sold

  • Dwarf Pickles
  • Elf Pickles
  • Gnome Pickles
  • Halfling Pickles
  • Human Pickles
  • Orc Pickles
  • Paladin Pickles
  • Pixie Pickles

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