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In Super Mario 3D Land/World

Peach in her Boomerang Suit in SM3DW.

Boomerang Flowers can be obtained from question mark blocks or by defeating Boomerang Bros. Upon picking up a Boomerang Flower, Mario will sport a blue Koopa shell on his back along with a protective helmet and matching shoes and over a red suit. In Super Mario 3D World, the color of the suit and boomerang corresponds to the player character (Toad, Peach, Luigi, Rosalina or Mario). From Super Mario 3D Land to Super Mario 3D World, the range of the boomerang has been extended to cover a greater distance across the larger levels.

In Mario Golf: World Tour

Players can collect the Boomerang Flower during a match and in turn it will increase their fade and draw abilities.

In Mario Kart 8

The Boomerang Flower provides the driver with a boomerang that can be thrown three times with the potential to hit and knock over enemies on its way.

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