Anyone ever use direct2play? Borderlands 2 for $20, but...

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A RUSSIAN IP (VPN) IS REQUESTED THE FIRST TIME TO ACTIVATE THE CD KEY. Once is activated you can download and play your game worldwide with your normal ip in any location.

Your purchase will include a premium free VPN service Instructions HERE


How legitimate is this site? I've never used it before, some people have been saying Russian keys can be risky and result in bans, but that was for Battlefield 3. Probably best to stay away, but if anyone knows anything regarding how this site works, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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They've been banning steam accounts for registering games sold in Russia to non Russian IP addresses.

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It's legit (my friend uses them all the time), but I'm not 100% on the legality of them.

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Dont do it, 2K games are banning people because of SSA violation.

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Ok haha thanks for the warning guys! I knew it was too good to be true.

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@psylah said:

They've been banning steam accounts for registering games sold in Russia to non Russian IP addresses.

I was under the impression that Steam could ban you if you used a VPN or similar to bypass region locks, not because you have a Russian game. You could potentially buy a physical game in Russia while in a trip or something, but that wouldn't be grounds for getting your account banned, I guess.

Anyway, don't do it. G2Play works perfectly fine when they sell non-Russian keys. But it's not worth risking getting your game removed from your account (the most common scenario) or getting banned (rare, but not unheard of) over $10, $15.

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I would only take these kind of chances on my EA Origin account, where there's already a 35-40% chance my account will get locked for doing nothing at all.

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I bought one game from them and never had any problems (this was a couple years ago probably). Cryostasis. I don't remember reading that disclaimer you posted though. They were legit then... at least.

The reason I bought it from them was because it was the only place I could find that game to buy.

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I guess if you really wanted to you could try it and activate it on a different/new account, but like people have been saying you could be banned for using a VPN. It's not worth it really, like some dude above me said if it's not a russian key and it's just really cheap for whatever reason (think Green Man Gaming) you'd probably be ok, it's the Russian key thing that makes it shady.

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If you have to use a VPN to activate something, then you are probably doing something against the Steam TOS. I assume everything is cheaper in Russia in an attempt to combat rampent piracy, so they can sell those keys for cheaper than they can sell NA or EU keys.

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Is it worth risking your steam account to save $10 for a game that you clearly don't care very much about or you would have already bought it...

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Someone resurrected this thread to tell somebody (in very broken English) how great D2P is (it's not).

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