Anyone who wants to play this on PC?

#1 Posted by Zevvion (3114 posts) -

Looking for someone to play on PC. I'm not one of those type of guys that has a class completely figured out, so it's just playing for fun for me. I am starting a new character, figured it would be more fun with more people, but I don't have any friends on Steam that own the game.

Anyone up for it?

#2 Posted by SecularBaron (234 posts) -

This is a few days old but I just bought it and am looking for people to play with. Steam: secularbaron

#3 Posted by nasp (594 posts) -

would have played with you if i wasnt a ps3 only player.ive played borderlands nonestop since release with my other friends and have most of the dlc.anyways have fun.

#4 Posted by Triumvir (536 posts) -

Just bought the GOTY edition on Thursday. I got the strangest craving to give it a try... maybe all these Destiny videos kicking around?

Steam username: ciceronian (current steam handle: Triumvir)

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