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#251 Posted by huntad (2251 posts) -

@xMrSunshine: It's useful for farming the different heads that drop off of some of the bosses.

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#252 Posted by xMrSunshine (386 posts) -
@huntad: Yeah, that's definitely true. Useless for weapons though since at least if I were to farm something, I'd want it to be useful to me for longer than a couple of levels.
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#253 Posted by jmood88 (415 posts) -

@xMrSunshine: I assumed that it was a waste of time on normal but I wasn't sure, which is why I was asking.

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#254 Posted by Ramone (3080 posts) -

I got Storm Front, which is practically broken, and Lascaux which is amazingly powerful.

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#255 Posted by xMrSunshine (386 posts) -
@jmood88: Well now you know. 
Killed Terra twice for the first time today. On both times he dropped a class mod that was not for my class. How great is that? Mostly got whites and bad blues as well. 
Also found a Slagga. It fires three bullets at the cost of one and has a clip of over 100 bullets because of the skills I've got.
And here's it in action with The Bee I also found . I assume everyone knows what The Bee is by now.
I didn't take a screen of it but the Shotgun in my second slot does something around 1400K damage to the target dummy with The Bee equipped when all bullets hit. That's mostly why I soloed Terra twice in a row. I won't be using it in normal play though, it makes things too easy.
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#256 Posted by NickDynmo (199 posts) -

Figured I'd weigh in and share my gear.


Bonus! My shield and class mod:

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#257 Posted by TeamJersey (389 posts) -

I farmed the warrior last night for hours.


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#258 Posted by Icemo (713 posts) -

@TeamJersey said:

I farmed the warrior last night for hours.


Me too. I have killed the warrior maybe 30 times and only got one orange grenade mod. I'm getting angry soon...

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#259 Posted by Ben1sawsm (10 posts) -

Ive been farming DJ Hunter Helquist for about a week now and i still haven't gotten the level 50 bee. I think I'm gonna go insane soon

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Why would you farm specific weapons in borderlands? Basically prety much any good weapon is overpowered. Which is pretty much how this game works, you find overpowered weapons and use the hell out of it untill it starts feeling old and replace it by a new overpowered weapon or any equipment.

I've never been a farmer.

sweet weapons! I don't have pics of mine, might take some later :D I found an awesome shield from the chest in sanctuary! after using about 6 keys or so. Also a nice pistol. At lv35, shoots as fast as an smg, mag size in the 50s with 1000+dmg per shot! No special effects but just a damn badass weapon.

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#261 Edited by metalsnakezero (2770 posts) -

Here my stash of awesome weapons

3 shot spread and all shots will hit.
3 shot spread and all shots will hit.
High chance of elemental effect
High chance of elemental effect
Shots very fast
Shots very fast
Launcher that shots hot fire!
Launcher that shots hot fire!

All were found by the special boss fight.

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#262 Posted by Slither_Maggot (288 posts) -

Holy god! Those are some sexy-ass weapons! VERY NICE FINDS!

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#263 Posted by x_gh0st_s0ldier_x (1 posts) -

Found a blue torgue assault rifle and an legendary emporer!!! And im only level 22

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