Black Market Backpack storage upgrade question

#1 Posted by Etnos (260 posts) -

So I'm semi retarded (dyslexia really) and bought a couple of bank upgrades instead of backpack upgrades at the santuary's black market dude..

Is there a way to revert that? How do you exactly earn the -E- tokens you use for the black market?


#2 Posted by WebScud (121 posts) -

@Etnos: As far as I know, there is no way to "return" an upgrade. You earn Eridium, the Black Market currency, as random (purple) drops and by completing quests. It can also be earned int he slot machines.

#3 Posted by handlas (2912 posts) -

Not sure you can take back what you bought unless you havea previous save. I got most of my E token things from drops. You get some from sidequests too. I didn't use them for awhile and ended up having over 50 before I started using them. So I guess they aren't too hard to come by.

#4 Posted by Law313 (122 posts) -


You get them as rewards for quests, or from dead enemies and containers. Seems the higher level you are the more likely they are to drop from an enemy. I've gotten bundles (4-5) at a time. An no, I dont THINK there is a way to undone Eridium spent at that dudes store. Choose wisely. And I went for backpack upgrades until that wasn't an issue anymore.

#5 Posted by ShaggE (7185 posts) -

Eridium is actually a little *too* common, so don't worry about it.

#6 Posted by Etnos (260 posts) -

Cool, thanks all for the help!

#7 Posted by Chaser324 (7132 posts) -

The purple color is definitely a bit misleading. It's very easy to initially think that it must be rare, when it is in fact fairly common.

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