Borderlands 2 DLC imminent...?

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Just seen that there are new set of three PS3 trophies under Borderlands 2 for a pack called "Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty"

I take it this is indicative of a new DLC pack incoming (I have not yet finished the Main Story)?

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Sure sounds like a thing that'd be in Borderlands.

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Awesome. Didn't expect it to come out so soon.

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And I just bought the season pass. I didn't think I was going to buy it, but the free Mechromancer DLC got me playing again and I'm really enjoying the class so I figure I should take her for a spin in the new dlc.

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damn, I need to finish RE6 pronto and sink my teeth into Borderlands 2... oh god!

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Nooo I wanted more time away from Borderlands... I have so many games to beat and no time to do it.

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I'd almost want to buy the season pass just because Borderlands 2 is such a damn fine game... but I don't exactly have the liberty to make such a gamble and I'm still going to check out the reviews for how the DLC fairs.

Just started another playthrough just to test out the Mechromancer (whose ability is beautiful overpowered from what I've played so far) and I've no doubt still got plenty more Borderlanding in me. Also I found an Orange rarity pistol just by beating Nuckledragger!? Talk about luck... it's a shame that pretty much all of my Legendaries have been during the early portions of the game. I've found four weapons and one shield (across multiple characters), and my highest of the five is like level 24.

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The Pirate DLC is out in five days, that's pretty damn quick...

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@probablytuna said:

The Pirate DLC is out in five days, that's pretty damn quick...

wait, what? source?

[edit:] Sorry, missed the link someone posted earlier.

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