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#1 Edited by ProfessorK (822 posts) -

I looked for a listing of people on site who are going to play BL2 and didn't see one for 360. Just wondering if anyone felt like hanging with duders and killing stuff. I don't really wanna just play with straight up randoms for fear of loot ninjas and the like, that and most of my xbl friends aren't really going to be playing this day one. So feel free to post your GT if you pretty much feel like that may ruin your experience and want to play with others in the GB community on 360.

GT: Siepher1

As per request I'm gonna try to organize the GTs to make it easier on everybody

Also, user golguin made the awesome observation that not everyone will have room for a ton of people and so I should create a Silver account to gather all the names in one spot. That GT is Borderlands2 GB. There ya go!

User NameGamer Tag
BaconHoundBacon Hound
punisherkaosGonzo Mup
Meteor_VIIMeteor VII
xSeanZxx Sean x
Sparky_BuzzsawBig Bad Sleazy
VincentLongaC Red123
WilliamHenryWell Kerned
TheRowGowLe Gow
iTWANDirty Sponge
#2 Posted by musclerider (589 posts) -

I'm so down for this, shoot me a friend invite.
GT: MuscleRiderX

#3 Edited by UberExplodey (939 posts) -

I'll play, shoot me a message if you need an extra dude to tag along.

GT: UberExplodey

#4 Posted by JaredA (822 posts) -

Oh yeah, I'm down.

GT: Leon592

#5 Posted by BRich (432 posts) -


So happy they figured out how to get split screen co-op online

#6 Posted by OneKillWonder_ (1728 posts) -

I know at least a couple people who are getting this game, though I have no idea if or when I'll play with them, so I'm down for this. I would for sure like to get some four-player games going.  Never really got to do that in BL1.
GT is OneKillWonder99

#7 Posted by BaconHound (68 posts) -

I'm in.

GT: Bacon Hound

#8 Edited by hungrycracker (1 posts) -

GT hungrycracker

#9 Posted by AgnosticJesus (544 posts) -

Never played BL 1 online so I'm excited to give it a go. GT - AgnosticJesus

#10 Posted by JJOR64 (18954 posts) -

@ProfessorK: To give you a heads up, a nice table with all the gamertags would be nice and neat.

#11 Posted by dubs (43 posts) -

I'm in. GT: duberto

#12 Posted by ProfessorK (822 posts) -
@JJOR64 if you could let me know how I could do that here it'd be awesome. Indeed it would make things more efficient.
#13 Edited by punisherkaos (273 posts) -

If anyone need's a maya speced for healing send me a request gt is Gonzo MUP

#14 Edited by TheMasterDS (2052 posts) -

I'd be down for some, my Gamertag is MasterDS.

#15 Posted by Drazat (168 posts) -

GT: Akuma1989

#16 Posted by joshthebear (2700 posts) -

Yessir. GT: Joshthebear

#17 Posted by Meteor_VII (125 posts) -

Never played the first with people but going to do it with this one.  Going to play the siren again.
GT: Meteor VII 

#18 Posted by RPGee (759 posts) -

Good call!

GT: RPGee4

I am planning on speccing as an Assassin who stabs people A LOT.

#19 Posted by xSeanZx (188 posts) -


GiantBomb User NameGamertag
BaconHoundBacon Hound
punisherkaosGonzo Mup
Meteor_VIIMeteor VII
xSeanZxx SeanZ x
#20 Posted by Asmo917 (406 posts) -

GT: Asmo917. Playing evenings and weekends, East coast US. splitting time between 360 and PS3.

#21 Posted by Krog (6 posts) -

My hours of play might be a little random at first with college starting soon, but I'll be sure to be playing whenever I can.

GT: Krogeh

#22 Posted by paulithon (95 posts) -

Playing as much as I can from day one add me - paulithon

#23 Posted by TeenageJesusSuperstar (170 posts) -

GT: beehiver

#24 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (6155 posts) -

Feel free to add me, but my Internet connection is terrible. I also like to really take my time and explore, and don't like playing with people who just want to rush through it, so bear that in mind if you decide to add me. My gamertag is Big Bad Sleazy.

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#26 Posted by Akrid (1356 posts) -
#27 Posted by xSeanZx (188 posts) -

I am playing with GiantBombing right now! hahaha awesome

#28 Posted by AckbarTheGreat (419 posts) -

GT: AckbarTheGreat

I'm going to take my time and do everything so if you want to rush through it I'm probably not the right person to add.

#29 Edited by xSeanZx (188 posts) -

I just got done playing with Jeff.... That was awesome.

#30 Posted by Zacagawea (1590 posts) -

GT: Zacagawea

#31 Edited by _Chad (962 posts) -

GT: ChadMasterFlash I'll probably be on late afternoons and late night. Pacific Time.

#32 Posted by Ghostface318 (94 posts) -

I will be Siren-ing around if she plays like Lilith did.

GT: Chainsaw318

#33 Posted by golguin (3877 posts) -

I'm going to play day one so I'm ready to go. GT: golguin

Are you going to create a silver account and add these GTs so that we can have access to the list? Something like "giantbombborderlands2". I remember a similar thing being created for Left 4 Dead since people didn't have the room to add over 50 friends.

#34 Posted by mpdebo (75 posts) -

I'm mainly available evenings and weekends, EST, on 360

GT: Mpdebo

#35 Posted by Rhinox (19 posts) -

Soon as I get my Amazon shipment, I'll be spending a ton of time in Pandora. Be glad to play with others.

GT: RhinoxDX

#36 Posted by ProfessorK (822 posts) -

@golguin: If you think it will be that big then sure I dont see why not. I can do that when I get home from work and have it up by 2pm est.

#37 Posted by golguin (3877 posts) -

@ProfessorK said:

@golguin: If you think it will be that big then sure I dont see why not. I can do that when I get home from work and have it up by 2pm est.

Cool, thanks for that.

#38 Posted by P00zombie (117 posts) -

Me too! Me too! I'll be playing quite a bit, probably at any chance I get.

GT: poozombie

Feel free to add me.

#39 Posted by golguin (3877 posts) -

@ProfessorK said:

@golguin: If you think it will be that big then sure I dont see why not. I can do that when I get home from work and have it up by 2pm est.

I went to add the silver account with all the names and noticed it was spelled wrong. The "Borderlands2 GB" is missing an "r" in the opening post.

I don't know if you have the time, but it would probably be faster to friend request everyone's name with the silver account then to have 25+ people friend the account separately. Who knows how many people are going to come back to this thread once the games get delivered, but they will see the silver account friend request when they start playing.

#40 Posted by ProfessorK (822 posts) -

@golguin: good catch, i just got home and will get right on that!

#41 Posted by DonChipotle (2725 posts) -

Just picked up the game, looking to shoot dudes with some dudes.

GT: HopeOnFire04

#42 Posted by Kyelb22 (297 posts) -

I'm down for playing with some GB duders. GT: Kyelb22

#43 Posted by VincentLonga (65 posts) -

C Red123 add me to the list, pls :)

#44 Posted by HT101 (1153 posts) -

Once I get my copy tonight from Amazon, I will be down to play it whenever I'm on. My GT is HT101

#45 Posted by xSeanZx (188 posts) -

I just wanted to let anyone know who didnt preorder that I am selling my 360 copy for 55 flat.... I am in Southern California. I want the PC version now. I am selling locally only so if you maybe are interested let me know

#46 Posted by _Zombie_ (1462 posts) -

GT: WinterSoldier37

#47 Edited by MacGoesZoom (75 posts) -

I am on 360. Sadly due to my work schedule I generally only play on Sunday and Monday. Might be on in the afternoons during the week. It just depends. My GT: macgoeszoom.

#48 Posted by davidinwrofy (71 posts) -

@ProfessorK: Hey, can you add me to the table? I'm davidinwrofy, gamertag davidinwrofy

#49 Posted by knitlife (45 posts) -

@ProfessorK: Hey there could you add me to the list, please? GT knitlife. Less knitting, more shooting!

#50 Posted by ONIKAGEI (40 posts) -

I've thrown an invite to the Silver account. but I'll play with any dooders that like shooting guys in the face... IN THE FACE!

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