Borderlands 2 Mixer!

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#1 Edited by Akrid (1391 posts) -

You Heard Me. A Mixer.

See, I reckon a lotta ya’ll don’t have too many plans as to what and where, and most importantly, whom you are to be playing this fine game with on the 18th (21st for Europe), and I think that’s a cryin’ shame, I do. So I am postulatin’ here that us fine folk at the GB Gamin’ Hub can provide this service unto you, a service that will provide you with some fellow fine Giant Bomb folk to cavort and cajole with come the games' release.

Now, the way I see it, this can go down two ways. Firstly - one may formally display ones steam account right here, tell us where you’re from, what platform you're on, give a rough estimation of a time that’s good for you, and we’ll do the footwork in partnering you up with other duders. Keep an eye out for steam friend requests, as we’ll contact you on who to add through there. Come the games’ release, there will be an event on our steam group that will be the starting gun - buddy up with the people we’ve put you with and jump into the game. If it is convenient for your group that is - but we'll sort that all out for you.

And yes, players on consoles can sign up too, provided they have a steam account for us to contact them on.

Now, I posit a second mode to conduct this - because hey guys, this is the internet. The internet is pretty good for talking things through and stuff. If you’d like to simply party up in a less formal way, on the 18th (21st for Europe) we will be congregating in the Gaming Hub mumble server and the Gaming Hub chatroom as according to an event that will be posted on our steam group to awkwardly proposition each other for game-playin’ good times. We’ll make sure everyone gets sorted out nicely, so if you show up we’ll make sure that you’ll be playing some Borderlands with some friendly folks in no time.

Now, it is my sincere hope that with either of these methods you make a concerted effort to attempt to play through the entire game with these people. So when it’s all over, I hope each group will take the initiative and setup another time that their group can play.

So, anyway, I will list the names here and we'll hook you up in the near future. NA have until the 18th to sign up, EU has till the 21st (next Friday).

For time preference, please list as vaguely as possible so we're more likely to get you all together.

EDIT: Groups have been assigned and sent out for NA - but by all means, continue to sign up. We'll do our best to fit you in somewhere.

EDIT#2: We're contacting you through GB PMs. Keep an eye out!

EDIT#3: This list is no longer being updated,

as it was meant for organizing groups before launch. There are other threads to list your GT/PSN/Steam. There are always plenty of duders in the GB Hub however, so if you're looking for a game, inquire inside. Thanks for all who participated, hope you all had good times groupin' up!

Steam Name (+PSN/XBL if applicable)Location (EU/NA)PlatformTime Preference
Macho FantasticoEUPCPast 5PM GMT
BRNK, Androogle (PSN)???PS3???
BlackieNAPC3-5 PST
Optix101EUPC7-11:30 GMT
Chadmasterflash (XBL)NA360Anytime
principalbuttsavage, BurlyJoeOaks (PSN)???PS3Past 6PM EST
YoThatLimpNAPC7AM-12pm CDT
RPGee, RPGee4 (XBL)AUS360Anytime
bchampndNAPCPast 8PM EDT
AckbarTheGreat (XBL)NA360Anytime?
Steam Name (+PSN/XBL if applicable)Location (EU/NA)PlatformTime Preference
jlange2xNA???9pm CDT
The loopymonkeyNAPCAnytime
Captain FelafelNAPCPast 10pm PST
Metric Outlaw (XBL)NA360Evening EST
ButanoNAPCWednesday Afternoons
mpdebo (XBL)NA360Evenings EST
GetEveryoneEUPCPast 5PM
CactusJack (XBL)NA360Varies?
BrothaThunda (XBL)NA360???
Pakman2920 (PSN)NAPS3Past 6PM EST
UberExplodey, UberExplodey (XBL)NA3609-1 EST
Grimmy616 (XBL)EU360Anytime
Rubberfactory, oxygenmaskNAPCPast 7PM EST
Djou, djou123 (PSN)NAPS3Evenings EDT
Steam Name (+PSN/XBL if applicable)Location (EU/NA)PlatformTime Preference
ElCount, CountTheMoneyNA360Anytime
ArtisanBreads, Ohh_Indeed (XBL)NA360After 5PM EST
Package_AttackNAPC5:30-11:00PM EST
Ataribomb, Fake CharlemagneNAPCVaries
dropabombonit, kingboruc (PSN)EUPS3Past 6 GMT
MrOldboyNAPCNights PST
#2 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

Hi, I'm ExtremePopcorn and I will play Borderlands 2 with you on the personal computer via Steam.

#3 Posted by ClairvoyantVibrations (1131 posts) -

Skyfire543, Commando, at your service. I'll be playing on PC with Steam.

#4 Edited by MachoFantastico (5707 posts) -

Steam ID: Macho Fantastico

Location: EU

Platform: PC

Time Preference: Evenings (after 5pm GMT) and weekends.

Will be playing with some friends but would be willing to jump into a few games, there's probably going to be a lot of Borderlands 2 to play.

#5 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

@Extreme_Popcorn: @Skyfire543: I need youse guises locations/time preferences. If you have a time preference!

#6 Posted by Extreme_Popcorn (846 posts) -

@Akrid: EU and I'm yours any time Akrid

#7 Posted by BRNK (322 posts) -

I'm Androogle on PSN, I'll be playing on PS3. Hit me up!

#8 Posted by Venatio (4679 posts) -

I just pre-loaded Borderlands 2 on Steam (first pre-load ever) and I desperatly need people to play with, first Borderlands was just me on 360 and it was boring

Steam ID is Venatio_S

And anytime works for me, although I do live in Sweden so keep that in mind

#9 Posted by Blackout62 (1633 posts) -

Blackie, NA, PC, 3-5 pm pst and anytime weekends.

#10 Posted by Optix12 (651 posts) -

Steam Name: Optix101

Location: EU

On the: PC

Time: 7:00pm-11:30pm GMT on weekdays, anytime on the weekends

#11 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

@Optix12: @Blackout62: @Venatio: Cool, added y'all.

#12 Posted by _Chad (1000 posts) -

Xbox GT: Chadmasterflash

Location: US


Time: Anytime

#13 Posted by Sol21 (6 posts) -

Steam: Sol21

Location: NA


Time: Anytime, schedule at work changes every week, so it can be hard to peg down a specific time frame.

#14 Edited by ClairvoyantVibrations (1131 posts) -

@Akrid: In Canada, best times would be after 3:30 on weekdays, anytime is good on weekends.

EDIT: Toronto Canada, specifically, so after 3:30 EDT

#15 Posted by mosdl (3398 posts) -

Steam: Mosdl (that is an L at the end)

Location: NA


Depending on work, anytime.

#16 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

@ChadMasterFlash: @Sol21: @mosdl: Cool! Added.

#17 Posted by Krampus (151 posts) -

Steam: principalbuttsavage

PSN (where I will be playing): BurlyJoeOaks

I will be on most evenings and through the weekend. Anytime I'm online (generally around 6pm eastern time) is a good time to jump in the game!

#18 Posted by Brodehouse (10800 posts) -

Box social.

#19 Posted by Mitch0712 (633 posts) -
#20 Edited by YoThatLimp (2106 posts) -

Hey dudes, will playing on the PC my steam name is YoThatLimp .

i'll be playing from 7AM-12pm CDT on the weekdays and whenever on the weekends.

#21 Posted by RPGee (775 posts) -

Gamertag: RPGee4

Location: AUS

Platform: XBox 360

Time: Anytime

And for the record, Steam name: RPGee

Will take any hitchhikers with a 360. Must take off shoes.

#22 Posted by bchampnd (111 posts) -

Steam: bchampnd

Region: US

Platform: PC

Time preference: 8PM-midnight EDT on weeknights. Whenever the Jets aren't playing on Sundays.

#23 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

Updated the list. Any more takers?

#24 Edited by AckbarTheGreat (423 posts) -



Platform: X Box

Time Preference: Any time you see me online I'd probably be up for it. Also I'm going to take my time and do everything so if you want to rush through it I'm probably not the right person to add.

#25 Posted by Hells (93 posts) -

Steam: jlange2x

Region: US (Central Time Zone)

Time: Weekends 9pm-Whenever I can't Take Anymore (usually about 3am) and Weekdays are more sporadic so if I'm in-game just hit me up if you need the extra gun power/person to fill a slot.

*Side Note: This will also be sharing my schedule with Torchlight 2... Thank you Runic for making me split my time between 2 great games...*

#26 Posted by TheLoopymonkey (19 posts) -

Steam: The Loopymonkey

Region: US

Platform: PC

Time: Anytime

All my friends got the Xbox version leaving me alone on the PC.

#27 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1698 posts) -

Steam ID: Captain Felafel

My schedule is all kinds of sporadic right now, but I'm usually on any time past 10/11PM PST.

#28 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1199 posts) -

I'm Metric Outlaw and I will be playing on the 360. I will be playing pretty much anytime but mostly pretty late. Also I'm on East Coast time.

#29 Posted by Butano (1917 posts) -

I've got quite a load this semester, and I haven't been playing as much as I'd like (I miss playing with you all on ArmA II). My only free day seems to be Wednesday afternoons this semester, with maybe 1 weekend off a month. It's rough being a full time student working two jobs...

Oh, California is my location. Butano is my username on Steam as well.

#30 Posted by mpdebo (99 posts) -

I'm mainly available evenings and weekends, EST, on 360

GT: Mpdebo

#31 Posted by GetEveryone (4535 posts) -

Steam ID: GetEveryone

Location: EU

Platform: PC

Time Preference: Weekdays post-5PM (likely later) and varying times at weekends.

None of my mates are likely to be able to run it on PC, so I'm definitely up for teaming with peeps here.

#32 Posted by Kteven (63 posts) -

Steam ID: Kteven

Region: EU

Time: Anytime, anywhere baby!

#33 Posted by CactusJack (150 posts) -

XBOX GT: CactusJack

Region: US

Time: varies

Looking forward to playing Coop on this!!!

#34 Posted by tphickma (65 posts) -

BrothaThundah here on 360 getting it tonight at midnight and will be playing well into tuesday night, my wife is even taking our daughter to the zoo just so i can have the house to myself haha. righteous. add me though id prefer to play with GB members

#35 Posted by PAkman5009 (46 posts) -

Pakman2920 on the Playstation 3 anytime after 6pm EST

Note: please type "Giantbomb" or "GB" on the friend request message 8)

#36 Edited by UberExplodey (983 posts) -

360 GT: UberExplodey

(same tag for Steam, but I'm playing on console)

Region: US EST

Time: nights and weekends, usually 9 to 1

Give me a shout if you need another gun, I'll be splitting my time with this and some BF3 Armored Kill.

#37 Posted by Grimmy616 (437 posts) -

Gamertag 360: Grimmy616

Region: EU

Time: Whenever

Can message me on my steam profile Here

#38 Posted by RubberFactory (307 posts) -

Hey hey, I wouldn't mind getting in on this. My steam name is oxygenmask, I'll be playing on pc and I'm good to go after 7:00pm EST most days.

#39 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

Would love to start a coop campaign on PS3. My PSN is jou321. I'm available evenings and weekends EDT. Thanks!

#40 Posted by ShaggyDude (173 posts) -

Hey dudes, please add me to Steam friends for co-op on PC. I plan on playing Borderlands 2 during most of my waking hours, US Central time.

My Steam id is Shaggy_Dude

#41 Posted by Akrid (1391 posts) -

This is last call for NA peeps to get in a group from the start!

#42 Posted by ElCount (87 posts) -

CountTheMoney on 360, region USA, anytime

#43 Posted by elvisdark64 (5 posts) -

Steam: elvisdark64 Region: US

Anytime is good

#44 Posted by RedParka (26 posts) -

Steam: Badsweaters



#45 Posted by Zithe (1056 posts) -

Steam name: Zithe

Region: US

Time: Right now!

#46 Edited by ArtisanBreads (5507 posts) -

Playing on Xbox 360, USA, Gamertag: Ohh_Indeed

Probably will be playing Assassin. Should be on after work tomorrow (East Coast time).

#47 Posted by akeripper4 (170 posts) -

steam name: akeripper

region: eu

time: any time

#48 Posted by Package_Attack (34 posts) -

steam name: Package Attack

region: us

time: 5:30 to 11:00 PM EST

#49 Posted by Ataribomb (101 posts) -

Steam name: Fake Charlemagne

Region: US

Time: Sad to say it varies quite a bit, what with school and all. But I'm all for random groups when it works.

#50 Posted by dropabombonit (1541 posts) -

PSN ID: Kingboruc

Location is EU and anytime past 6PM GMT

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