Borderlands 2 Mixer!

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#51 Posted by MrOldboy (1036 posts) -

MrOldboy on steam PC version

on usually nights pst-early morning

Not really looking to get in a pre-made group, but definitely looking to play some coop.

#52 Posted by kurtkless (97 posts) -

kurtkless on steam, starting right now, available anytime

#53 Posted by TorMasturba (1123 posts) -

I won't be on all the time but if anyone from Giant bomb wants to play Borderlands 2 and kill some fools together for a while then feel free to send me an add invite.

Steam ID: TorMasturba

Country: UK

Time online: After 5 in the week but not every night, and most of the weekend.

#54 Posted by Option (40 posts) -

Platform: PC

Steam Name: DayLateGaming

Location: NA

Play Time: Most weekdays after 5PM Central and weekends whenever I'm free

Add me! Few of my steam friends play games any more so its pretty barren!

#55 Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger (441 posts) -

Steam Name: Depereo

Location: NA

On the: PC

Time: Weekdays: 6pm -12am EST. Weekends: Anytime!

Playing a Bloodshed Assassin!

Ninjas yes! Ninja-looters NO.

#56 Edited by Wickedslapshot3 (10 posts) -

Hey all, I"m playing on 360, XboxLive: Wickedslapshot3

I'll be on from this afternoon-->Saturday pretty much straight. Stuck home with pneumonia and a sinus infection, so Borderlands 2 it is

Also, Add me on twitter: GiantBombGamer

#57 Edited by pa21ris (195 posts) -

pa21ris on steam/pc, east coast USA. Mostly nights and weekends.

#58 Posted by Mister_V (1612 posts) -

Steamname: stevenkillfest

Reigon: EU

TIme: Weekends Any time, Weekdays: 7pm/10pm

#59 Edited by blackthunder (31 posts) -

Steam Name: Blackthunder

360 Name: Blackzillas Rod

Location: NA

On the PC and 360

Times: Anytime.

If you see me on, mostly the pc version got if for free with my new card and forgot I pre ordered the 360 version, hit me up.

#60 Edited by Dixperiken (113 posts) -

Hey duders, I'll be playing borderlands 2 all weekend on the PC. As I'm in the eu my game just unlocked on steam and I'm ready to go tomorrow.

Steam Name: pete369874125

#61 Edited by forestd (19 posts) -

Steam: forestd

Location: EU

Available most days at most times

#62 Posted by loganWTF (115 posts) -

Steam: loganWTF

Location: US

mostly weekends and evenings.

I'm rolling with Zer0 now but also have a Siren for lower levels.

#63 Posted by tCobra (24 posts) -

Steam: tCobra

Xbox: Tama Ironcobra

Xbox will be my main platform for now

Time varies NA EST

#64 Posted by peachesrcool (87 posts) -

PSN peachesrcool

usually on in the after noon

#65 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2704 posts) -

[3dfx]Krakn on Steam. I'm in the U.S., play a lot on weekends and sometimes in the evenings, like 5-9pm Mountain Time.

#66 Posted by Snail (8772 posts) -

Why do you have three different tables? Am I missing out on something really obvious? It's pretty late where I am. So I guess that's perhaps likely.

#67 Posted by sthusby (449 posts) -

Xbox Live: Virtua Husby

Region: Europe

Time: N/A

#68 Edited by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

XBL: WinterSoldier37

Region: NA

Time Preference: 11 AM-1 AM, PST

Platform: 360

#69 Posted by TheRowGow (64 posts) -

XBL: Le Gow

Region: EU

Time: Free most of the time

#70 Posted by streetninja (180 posts) -

Steam: StreetNinja 
Region: US 
Time: Whenever I'm on Steam

#71 Edited by EvilGreenDevil (209 posts) -

Steam: EvilGreenDevil

Region: US

Time: Evenings and weekends [EST]

Level 15 Commando at the moment

#72 Posted by sthusby (449 posts) -

Anyone ready right now? Hit me up at Xbox Live, gamertag Virtua Husby.

#73 Posted by metalsnakezero (2580 posts) -

Metalsnakezero - Steam


PC version

Tues - Sun, 6 - 10pm est

#74 Posted by laserbolts (5444 posts) -

Xbox gamertag devinl. Level 35 and will be on pretty much all day. Hit me up if you want to play.

#75 Edited by HH (829 posts) -

anyone want to help me on the 360 with Statuesque on TVH mode right now?

gamertag: Coppin Zees, I'll be on until the A's / Rangers game starts so shout if you're about

#76 Edited by Enigmatical (152 posts) -

I was looking for a post like this. I've got a Level 41 Commando tearing through TVHM right now. Played the entire first Playthrough solo (to experience the story, see the sights, yada-yada), but like the first game, I'm now ready to totally partner up.

The specifics, I'm on Xbox 360 (NA, CST) as Functioning. I'm usually playing at night (Borderlands 2 is kinda my game right now) and will be on all weekend, most likely.

A mic is preferred and also friendly, cooperative duders (stick together, share loot, don't be an ass) - it is supposed to be a co-op experience after all.

I'm also totally up for Skill Challenges and the like, especially the co-op specific ones. I've completed most of the ones you can do on your own (including the level-specific ones), so I'd definitely be down to tackle the co-op ones.

#77 Posted by dudeglove (9274 posts) -

Steam: dudeglove. EU. Most evenings.

Add me and let's watch numbers go up together.

#78 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

I have the PS3 version, my PSN is Hizang, I live in the UK and I'm mostly playing in the evenings.

#79 Posted by Smokay (543 posts) -


Platform XBL:RawrIsmash


Time:Like whenever man,exept in the mornings

#80 Posted by Winterwolf79 (49 posts) -

PSN: Winterwolf79

Platform: PS3

Location: NA

Anytime after 6PM PST

Running a low level (16+) commando and playing through the story for the first time, but I'm down to help out.

#81 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

So I'm looking for people to play trough the Captain Scarlett DLC with come Saturday. Probably gonna want 1-2 players, maybe a third depending on whether or not my friend shows up.

#82 Edited by DoubleKR (116 posts) -

Yo Bro's idk if anyone is still doing this.

My XBL tag: DoubleKR

Playtime: Nights and weekends

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