Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Review.

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What-ho! Sir Hammerlock approves this content.

Ready to go hunting on the plains of Pandora? Well you should be, why aren't you? Come on we haven't got all day, those scaylions aren't going to hunt themselves you know. Now that you're finally ready let me introduce you the continent of Aegrus, a land filled with creatures that are as varied as they are dangerous, and that's not to forget the local tribe of savages that call this striking and beautiful continent home. Sir Hammerlock with weapon in hand, as asked you to go along with him to hunt all sorts of viscous creatures. But is this one hunt to good to refuse or might you be best to look elsewhere for more gentlemanly hunting?

Set in the rather beautiful continent of Aegrus, Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is the third piece of downloadable content for Borderlands 2 and provides a refreshing change from the usual scenery of Pandora. Aegrus is a land filled with a variety of creatures, many of which would happily eat you alive if you gave them the chance. Luckily for you, your most likely not exactly short of weapons to defend yourself with, let alone hunt the greatest and most dangerous creatures the land as to offer. When you first take in the sights of Aegrus, you'll welcome this change of scenery. It feels refreshingly different to the rest of Pandora, which usually consists of deserts and dilapidated towns. This is a continent that consists of wide open plains, misty swamps and cliff-sides that every so often forced me to stop and take in the views. This is a land that doesn't need any in depth description or convoluted explanation, it's rather beautiful in it's own way and this is something I appreciated from the moment I took my first steps into this new and unfamiliar land.

Aegrus is a refreshing change from the usual desert and dilapidated lands of Pandora.

It helps that your time in Aegrus is well spent, with a collection of fun and challenging quests that never over stay their welcome. Yes you'll still be killing countless creatures, including the hordes of savages (the only human population of the continent) that throw themselves towards your gun barrel. But these enemies never feel repetitive thanks to the greater challenge they provide and the extra varieties in enemy types that will require you to actually think about how you use your characters skills instead of aimlessly shooting enemies from point blank range, in the knowledge that they have no chance of taking you down. From the Giant Spores that float through the skies to the Wetland Drifters that walk the plains, it's a welcomed change for those who've become accustomed (and dare I say bored) with the usual psychos and goliaths of the base game. Unlike Pirate's Booty and Mr Torgue's Campaign of Carnage which I felt were a little to easy, Big Game Hunt provided a challenge that I welcomed till the very end. Though of course much of this might depend on what level your character is when they first venture forth.

Meet Professor Nakayama, who as an all to creepy appreciation for his idol, Handsome Jack.

Meet Professor Nakayama, a self-important scientists who as an all to creepy appreciation for his idol, Handsome Jack. He's the main antagonist here and provides many of the more amusing moments throughout the five main missions. Though of course there are numerous side missions to earn yet more experience and loot. Big Game Hunt is rather funny in spots, providing comedic moments that are pulled off in a less forced manner than much of Borderlands 2's usual sense of humor It's a more memorable experience to, thanks to a strong start that never really falters throughout it's three to five hours of content. There are other goodies to enjoy including a brand new vehicle in the form of the fan boat, which while welcomed is a little too restricted to specific areas to be of any huge significant use. There's new bosses to face up against, including a brand new raid boss for real multiplayer challenge. New skins and heads for every class and of course new weapons to loot. All this results in a piece of downloadable content that certainly isn't short on content, and it's good content at that.

I'm confident in saying that Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt is the best additional Borderlands 2 content yet, and whilst there's more to come in the near future, this foray into the lands of Aegrus provides everything you want. It's a refreshing change from the rest of what Borderlands 2 as to offer and does more than just provide extra content, it provides a much need change of scenery and challenge that I've felt as been lacking in the two previous pieces of downloadable content. It's still might be Borderlands at the end of the day, but thanks to the change in setting, varied enemies and greater overall challenge, it feels like something new and most certainly worth a return to Pandora to experience for yourself.

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