Boxed PC copy?

#1 Posted by White (1575 posts) -

Does anyone know if the boxed retail copy for Borderlands on PC pairs with Steam? Reason being is that the store I frequent is offering the game at a slight discount when compared to Steam (figuring in exchange rates and all).

I know for THQ their PC copies are basically codes for the Steam version.

#2 Posted by Tennmuerti (8515 posts) -

Yes it should, it's a steamworks game now.

#3 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

Going to assume it's going to be a steam key and the disc incase you have a bad connection and don't want to download it. The last game I remember buying like that was FEAR2.

#4 Posted by myketuna (1785 posts) -

I'm going to say yes. If it wasn't a Steamworks game, it would be a tricky situation, but since it is I figure the disc has all the Steam game files, a Steam installer, and a key to unlock the game.

#5 Posted by Vextroid (1469 posts) -

Yes it will. All of 2K's PC games as of late have Steamworks retail discs.

#6 Posted by planetary (387 posts) -

Boxed copy? Why do you hate the earth?

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