Can't download compatability pack on 360.

#1 Posted by golguin (4117 posts) -

Can't play online without it. Anyone able to get it?

#2 Posted by mosdl (3266 posts) -

According to twitter there is a problem with the 360 patch (

#3 Posted by Rotnac (838 posts) -

i havent had any luck either. at least theyre extending their event thing even though I honestly havent noticed anything different in drop rates for specific gear and it's still an exhausting task to get Vermi to spawn.

#4 Posted by knitlife (45 posts) -

Latest news from Gearbox:

I probably wouldn't bother with that thread, it's a bunch of whining. Everyone it seems is having the same symptoms, pack downloads to 97%, 98, 99, then 0, then 97, etc.

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