Can't get online to work. PS3

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Been playing most of the day with the online option set to open and nobody joined the game. thought "wtf" so I went to the main menu and tried quick match and couldn't find anything and again with the other option. Anybody else having this problem?

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tho I dont have the game yet ... have you cheked that you are indeed online? Maybe that is it , or maybe you should conecct the PS3 directly instead of wifi

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#3 Posted by gurrenlagann519 (8 posts) -

PS3 is indeed online. I redeemed the preorder order codes. Connecting directly isn't really an option since the router is on the other side of the house. If I still don't have any luck tomorrow after work I may just take it to the living room and try though.

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#4 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

@gurrenlagann519: I'm on the east coast and was experiencing similar problems last night. I kept getting disconnected from the PSN network. I was able to redeem codes but it would stay on for a few minutes and log me off. Suffice to say it wasn't long enough to play coop.

Eventually it cleared up after a reboot and I was able to login and go online to do a few missions.

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#5 Posted by gurrenlagann519 (8 posts) -

Just started working out of the blue. l'll just chalk it up to day one jitters.

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