Captain Scarlett & playthrough 2.5

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I'm enjoying the new DLC, but unfortunately it doesn't scale so my level 38 Siren is too overpowered. I could play the DLC in true vault hunter mode to raise the difficulty, but then in 2.5 will all the side quest be removed like in the main game?

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Not sure what u mean by removing side quest but I'm playing it in tvm and having a blast I'm level 42 right now and so far all the enemies are between 40 and 43

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If you complete side quests in true vault hunter mode they don't turn up in the third playthrough (called 2.5), I was wondering if that still applies for the DLC.

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The DLC does scale. I started it with my level 13 Mechromancer and the enemies were only a few levels higher than me. If you watch the quicklook the enemy was a few levels higher than Jeff.

I didn't know about the side quest thing, and I can't say I understand why it does that. I'd guess if it locks out previously completed side quests in the third play through of the main game that it would do it for the DLC as well.

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Wait, how do you unlock this third play through?

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@AckbarTheGreat: After you kill The Warrior in True Vault Hunter Mode, everything scales up to max level (or damn close to it). This includes any sidequest you ignored during True Vault Hunter Mode, which will now be level 50 and give a max-level, powered up version of its reward item, i.e. Moxxi's Heartbreaker and other such things. Note that if you even accepted the quests into your quest log during TVHM, they will no longer scale up and are locked in at their previous level, so it's advised to skip all sidequests that give weapons, shields, etc. during the second playthrough for the best possible rewards.

Edit: This is referred to by most as New Game 2.5, or something like that. I also think it's kind of weird that they won't just let you repeat quests or something at that level, since you aren't going to be grinding experience or anything.

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@AckbarTheGreat said:

Wait, how do you unlock this third play through?

There is no third playthrough. PT2.5 is when you beat True Vault Hunter Mode (and you might have to get to lv50) where all enemies scale to lv50+ and all sidequest rewards scale to lv50 in TVHM hence why some players save all sidequests until after they beat TVHM.
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ummm... stupid question but is the DLC not available yet in Europe/Eastern Europe?

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@Vanek: The DLC kind of scales. The enemies cap out at 30-ish for first playthrough making it cake for people coming back from their second playthrough.

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@dudeglove: I'm in the UK and I downloaded the DLC a few hours ago.

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@pompouspizza said:

@dudeglove: I'm in the UK and I downloaded the DLC a few hours ago.

Oh, right, figured out what I was doing wrong O_o. Nevermind.

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Playing through the DLC now with my level 42 Commando and definitely finding that my character is overpowered. I finished my first playthrough somewhere around level 34 and have been playing TVHM since then. This is the first time I went back to my first playthrough since defeating Jack because I wanted to play through the DLC's main quest and do some side missions without screwing anything up for playthrough 2.5 (when I eventually get that far).

The levels of the enemies I'm facing are in the 30s so my turret wipes out most of them before I have to fire a shot in many cases so it hasn't been much of a challenge. What makes it worse is that I'm getting minimal XP and I've yet to find a single piece of loot worth keeping. I guess that's my own fault for not playing through on TVHM.

My only real gripe so far is that since the DLC installed, my frame rate has been dropping tremendously in spots. Before the DLC, I was getting a solid 60 FPS with everything maxed out. Now, there are times in Oasis and other areas in the DLC where it dropped into the 40s when encountering a number of enemies. Not sure if it's just in the DLC areas or also in the main game because I haven't gone back to the main game yet. Will try to get to the bottom of the issue later.

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So I just finished the DLC, putting it at about 6 hours. Rather enjoyed it. Very glad they didn't just stick pirate hats on Bandits. However like @bchampnd said enemies never really passed the level 30 mark, which made the whole thing a cake walk. My fault really, but you would have thought that it may as well have scaled higher on the first playthrough. I never got far into TVHM because I didn't want to play the DLC and not be levelling, so I think I'm going to play through the rest of the DLC as a lower level secondary character.

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I'm pretty sure the quest scale to your story progress when you acept them rather than your lvl hence why people coming back from TVH are under leveled and why the whole playthough 2.5 works at all

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@AckbarTheGreat said:

Wait, how do you unlock this third play through?

Play it twice?

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@Dagbiker said:

@AckbarTheGreat said:

Wait, how do you unlock this third play through?

Play it twice?

HOW did I miss this!

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@AckbarTheGreat said:

Wait, how do you unlock this third play through?

Its not really a third playtrough,after you finish the main stroy line in true vault hunter mode every monster scales to lvl 50 and all new side quests you pick up will have lvl 50 rewards.If you complete a side quest after you finished the main stroy line but picked it up before finishing the main story line,then you will get rewards based on the lvl you were when you originaly picked up the quest.This is important becomes they are some really nice stuff you can get that are only from quests rewards,like the legendary nova fire shield you get form Lilith.

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