CATCH A GUN!!!....Kinda..*Trading thread*

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As you all know Borderlands 2 now has a proper trading system. So we need a proper trading thread!


  1. First off NO BEGGING! This is a trading/gift thread. No "Please please please orange items" *All begging will be flagged*
  2. Second, Items can not be quest rewards. (Or obtained though methods others can easily do. IE tipping mad Moxxie)
  3. Three, Blue level items or higher. Whites and greens are common place so lets keep it Blue and above (RELICS AND CLASS MODS ARE EXEMPT FROM THIS RULE! White and green relics/Class mods are fine for trading/giving away)
  4. Four!, We all have smart phones and what not (Screen capture for computers) So supply a picture of the item. Quality matters. We need to be able to read the stats an level needs
  5. FIVE. GIVE GIFTS! Not everyone has an item to trade and you do not need to receive and item to get credit for bad ass ranks. So give the gift of explosions.
  6. Six. We are not here to mess up another person Pandora. Please leave how you found the world. No grabby grabby of loot or money.
  7. Seven....SPOILERS! For those who have finished the game WATCH YOUR CHARACTER OUTFIT! (You know what I mean) Lets not give away something that is unlocked later on.
  8. EIGHT. After a trade is finished please inform others that is done and said item is no longer there.
  9. NINE! Show off your items before trade. Fire a couple of round or have a duel so the person can see fire rate and gun spread. *Not really a rule but its something nice)
  10. TEN. Trade backs. If you are unhappy with a trade you can request a trade back. (Or money back if you used cash) But its not REQUIRED. We can not enforce that in someones game so Caveat Emptor

And of course list your platform and wants.

If I have a chance I will make a Trading Gamertag so you can just use that to invite people to your game for the trade. Details will be posted here later.


Rocket Launcher has been given away. I have more items. Will post pictures later. 
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I have a Siren class mod that has +83% SMG damage and -16%SMG accuracy on the PS3 version. Right now my Brother in Law is playing so I'll post a picture and find out the level later. I wouldn't mind a decent Nurse class mod for it. My current one only does 52 team health regen and with 35K health that feels like nothing.

EDIT: Found a grenade mod in my bank that someone might want. Also figured that if no one has a medic mod to trade they could buy these items outright for $75K each.

#3 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -

Level 50 Legendary Shotgun - will give away but I'm also looking for a Legendary or very good rare Assault Rifle (Or other stuff) of some sort, preferably a Torgue minigun with a good size magazine. Xbox 360, send me a PM on Giant Bomb to set it up.

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Level 26 rocket launcher, fires six rockets in a fairly tight spread for the cost of one. I'm looking for a good purple/orange sniper rifle, preferably Jacobs or Vladof but any sniper offers are welcome. I'm just not a launcher guy; keep killing myself with the damn thing. :D

PC, send me a PM here or on Steam, same name.

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Will trade anything for a gunzerker head drop from Terramorphous called "Boatmurderer" or some other orange grenades/shields

PC, same username Tennmuerti

I will update this post as I farm/trade more shit.

Vermivorous loot:

Other shit:

Including x7 Conference Calls slag and corrosive.

#6 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -

Level 50 Bee Shield - Xbox 360 - Looking for any other good Level 50 Legendary items, specifically an assault rifle, pistol, or sniper.

#7 Edited by HH (904 posts) -

I'm on the 360, and I have this purple gunzerker class mod that I would like to trade for a rare siren class mod of some kind or another.

A question about trading: I'm currently level 41, and I was avoiding side quests for my second playthrough anyway, but as some of you may know it makes sense to leave most side quests to 2.5 in order to maximize rewards, which suits me great, but I joined a multiplayer session a couple of levels ago and was automatically given a few side quests that the team were currently on, although perhaps they were all picked up by the other players in sanctuary during the session now that i think about it, anyway, it's something to be mindful of while joining a session for trade.

EDIT: just found this, likewise will trade for rare Siren mods

#8 Posted by Greeny83 (53 posts) -

PS3. Willing to trade either for almost any other legendary weapon (level 50). The Bee is only level 49, just to clarify.

#9 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Anyone got an extra Unreality head from BNK-3R? Because this is a desperate plea from a broken spirit after farming him for 2 days and well over 200 kills. Not one head, not one legendary drop. I'm dying on the inside and I just want this nightmare to end.

#10 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -
Anyone got an extra Unreality head from BNK-3R? Because this is a desperate plea from a broken spirit after farming him for 2 days and well over 200 kills. Not one head, not one legendary drop. I'm dying on the inside and I just want this nightmare to end.
That's on 360 by the way.
#11 Posted by Brainberry (4 posts) -

I have all the legendary weapons level 50(PS3)

Willing to give you a shitload of them(of your choice btw) for a Kawaii Killer Siren Head

#12 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Yeah I should probably mention. $500,000 and 3 heads in exchange for the Unreality Assassin head.

#13 Posted by WiqidBritt (586 posts) -

we don't all have smartphones.

#14 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -

@WiqidBritt said:

we don't all have smartphones.

So just list the name and stats of the item you have for trade in lieu of a picture, it's not a big deal dude.

#15 Posted by Twolf (3 posts) -

(Ps3) Trading lvl 50 Blast proof The Bee for any lvl 50 Conference Call

Sorry I don't have a picture. No smartphone :/

Its stats are:

Capacity: 22714

Recharge rate: 24832

Recharge delay: 5.46

Amp damage: +50446

Resistant to explosions

Let me know if you're interested. My psn is T-wolf201. Thanks.

#17 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -

I am GIVING AWAY The LEGENDARY Gunzerker class mod. (360) Yes thats right GIVING it away. 

#18 Posted by laserbolts (5497 posts) -

Anyone have a purple or better relic? Just need it for the cheevo. I'll give it right back after I get the cheevo. Gamertag is devinl if someone wants to help me out.

#19 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -

XBOX: Been farming a TON - I have some heads to trade! I'm looking specifically for an amazing legendary assault rifle like the Shredifier, Veruc, or the like. Really any legendary items are wanted, let me know what you have!

I have the coveted Space Knight commando head for trade, amongst others...check it out <3

I also have Assassin C0al Train and Minecraft to trade.

#20 Posted by PerceptiveSnail (4 posts) -

Head for Zer0, Raz0r,

Platform - Xbox 360

Hoping to get level 50 Sublime volcano or Dahl Emperor.

Gamertag- PerceptiveSnail

#21 Posted by Twolf (3 posts) -

(Ps3) Looking for: Shrederizer lvl 50 and Hammer Buster lvl 50

I have a few legendaries to trade for them:

Social Conference Call lvl 50

Blast proof The Bee lvl 50

Rugged Mongol lvl 50

Snyper Badaboom lvl 50

Also a number of lvl 50 E-tech weapons that are pretty good.

Let me know if you're interested.

PSN: T-wolf201

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Looking to trade this for a similar assassin mod (sniper or killer type) or for a good sniper rifle  
Steam profile

#23 Posted by PerceptiveSnail (4 posts) -

Looking for the DLC Assassin head on xbox 360, have a nice supply of orange weapons, and the assassin head Raz0r up for trade. Message me or add PerceptiveSnail on Xbox 360.

#24 Posted by sikapwach (47 posts) -

Looking to equip a purple or better relic just to get the cheevo. Willing to pay whatever cash is in my pocket just to let me equip it and then give back. PM or XBLGT sikapwach.

#25 Posted by PerceptiveSnail (4 posts) -

Kawaii Killer for trade on xbox 360, looking for assassin DLC head, only 1 I dont have!

#26 Posted by Scotto (1290 posts) -

Got a level 17 legendary Sledge's Shotgun, for anyone looking to twink out a new character. All I really need is a good epic lvl 50 assault rifle, a Conference Call, or a The Bee shield (both lvl 50 as well).

I've also got a lvl 40 "Inflammable Flame of the Hawk" legendary shield I don't need.

Yeah, I know. LOL. I just lvl 50 this morning, alright? :D

Anyway, if any of that appeals to you, I'm "Shakes McQueen" on Steam.

#27 Posted by DecapitatedLama (5 posts) -

Trading unreality head for collectors edition heads or other BNK-3R heads on XBOX 360

#28 Edited by HH (904 posts) -

ON THE 360

I'm looking for a high level purple Banshee mod for the siren,

i've been collecting mods for all classes so ask if there's a specific one you want, also got some high level magenta weapons - razrez moloko (48), win-win dart (50), refill plasma caster (50) -, as well as sublime volcano (50) to trade.

#29 Edited by Tennmuerti (8626 posts) -

Vermivorous loot, plus some extra orange guns. Including 2 skins from Verm.

Willing to trade anything for a gunzerker Terramorphous head drop "Boatmurderer"

Verm drops:

The other guns:

#30 Posted by SmasheControllers (2951 posts) -

If anyone has the Legendary Soldier Class Mod, I'd trade something...

#31 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Trading an Alkaline Mistress head for a Boatmurderer head (preferred) or Superduperfly head for Gunzerker.

#32 Edited by IKILLU130 (4 posts) -

Id be willing to trade a level 50 Bee Shield and 50 Conference Call for any good level 50 legendary gun PSN ID: IKILLU130 messaged me if your interested

#33 Edited by Oni (2242 posts) -

@IKILLU130: I'd trade a 50 fire Pitchfork or caustic Invader for that Concall if you're interested.

edit: I should specifiy I'm on PC, judging from your tag you're probably on 360.

#34 Posted by darkvare (856 posts) -

i have a weird shotgun that goes around flying and shooting enemies when you reload it but i think is low level to be asking fro stuff to swap with

#35 Edited by Mike (15302 posts) -

@SmasheControllers said:

If anyone has the Legendary Soldier Class Mod, I'd trade something...

Which platform are you on? I have one on 360.

#36 Posted by IKILLU130 (4 posts) -

Anyone have a level 50 Infinity pistol? Have a level 50 Bee Shield and 50 Conference call. PS3 id IKILLU130

#37 Posted by Mike (15302 posts) -

@MB said:

@SmasheControllers said:

If anyone has the Legendary Soldier Class Mod, I'd trade something...

Which platform are you on? I have one on 360.

Nevermind, I checked your profile and see you're on 360. I've got you covered dude, PM me or send me an XBL friend request.

#38 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

So apparently the 4 Assassins early in the game drop black skins. I thought I was done farming too. If anyone has them I have an Alkaline Mistress skin for trade on the 360. GT is my username.

#39 Posted by IKILLU130 (4 posts) -

Just Got a pitchfork level 50 if anyone is interested to trade/dupe ps3 IKILLU130

#40 Edited by jillsandwich (804 posts) -

If anybody has a purple or better relic of any kind on 360, I would trade you for something.

#41 Posted by DoctorTran (1584 posts) -

Huh... "CATCH A GUUUUUN!" I would love a Scooter firearms service.  "New and improved! No misfires now, CATCH A GUUUUN!"

#42 Posted by Theassman (34 posts) -

Ive got an impaler and the terramprohus class mods for zerker and assasin, I'd trade it all for a Bee, level and elemental resistance doesnt matter.

MisterAssman on Steam!

#43 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

I just got a level 9 Fashionable Snider in PS3 if anybody wants it (cc

#45 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@GenocidalKitten said:

@The_Laughing_Man said:

I am GIVING AWAY The LEGENDARY Gunzerker class mod. (360) Yes thats right GIVING it away.

Does the offer still stand?

Sure does. Its just sitting in my pocket. But im playing Dishonored right now. 
#47 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

Arg, two people in this thread looking for Boatmurderer but neither of them on PS3. Anybody on PS3 looking for a Boatmurderer head for Gunzerker, I'll trade it to them for some of the rarer Siren skins or heads.

#48 Edited by TheCrowPrado (2 posts) -

K so all the guns are for trade looking for skins and heads for all classes. (PC)Steam only My Steam username is Phantom the picture is of Vongola primo of Hitman reborn hit me with the a request also there is a full list of the other guns since it didnt all upload here on my profile here of all the guns up for trade.

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Looking for the commando head "Snowblind" on PS3. It was a pre-order DLC.

Will trade all of these

Critical Conference Call(lvl.50/Orange Shotgun)

The Bee(lvl.50/Orange Shield)

Grounded Whiskey Tango Foxtrot(lvl.50/Orange Shield)

Bowie Maggie(lvl.50/Orange Pistol)

Analytical Bitch(lvl.50/Orange SMG)

Guaranteed Baby Maker(lvl.50/Orange SMG)

Proactive Plasma Caster(Lvl.50/E-tech Pink SMG)

Slayer of Terramorphous Class Mod for Commando, Siren, Gunzerker, or Assassin(lvl.50/Orange Class Mod)

Private message me if you want to trade. If you want something else ask, i will do anything for this skin(Literally, sing, cry, bake you cookies, moose stuff, Gangnam Style from here to Korea and back, anything). PSN is auissecasper0619, hit me up.

#50 Posted by patwin (41 posts) -


syill got that The LEGENDARY Gunzerker class mod

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