CATCH A GUN!!!....Kinda..*Trading thread*

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#52 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -
#53 Posted by TheFalconProduction (71 posts) -

Looking for level 49 or 50 Conference Call. Willing to trade Juicy Flakker (level 50), Fashionable Volcano (level 50), The Bee (level 49), and $5,000,000.

Platform: Playstation 3

Username: xCGxFalcon

Message me on PS3 if interested.

Juicy Flakker

Damage: 16303x3

Accuracy: 15.6

Fire Rate: 0.4

Reload Speed: 3.9

Magazine Size: 12

- Legendary Description: Flak The World

- +231% Weapon Damage

- +100% Weapon Fire Rate

- +50% Critical Hit Damage

- Consumes 4 ammo per shot

- Torgue (So explosive)

Fashionable Volcano

Damage: 15803

Accuracy: 96.1

Fire Rate: 1.4

Reload Speed: 4.0

Magazine Size: 6

Burn Damage per Second: 3606.1

Chance to Ignite: 43.5%

- Legendary Description: Pele hunbly requests a sacrifice, if it's not too much trouble.

- Increases stability

- Deals bonus elemental damage

- Highly effective vs Flesh

Maliwan (So very good elemental damage)

The Bee

Capacity: 17606

Recharge Rate: 23323

Recharge Delay: 4.62

Amp Damage: 44036

Amp Shot Drain: 0

- Legendary Description: Float like a butterfly...

- When fully charged, next weapon shot deals bonus Amp Damage.


#54 Posted by odoylenc (3 posts) -

im on PC odoylenc


Auspicious Raider mod for gunzerker or critical CC or any cool guns


CCx5, rabid shredifier, slippery kerblaster, the bee, two fer maggie, rubberized fire bee

lvl 48

cutting edge bitch, rapid infinity, sledge

lvl 37

CCx5, flaoted hornet, swiss deliverance


37% shield recharge rate, 35% cooldown, 30% shiled cap, 50% health

#55 Posted by odoylenc (3 posts) -

@@BasketSnake: : i got a bee

#57 Posted by zombiemonsters (2 posts) -

Looking for some Orange weapons and maybe a bee for my level 20 mechro. Willing to dupe things from my level 50 Axton. I have level 50 - The Bee Corrosive conf call Regular conf call Sledges shotgun Right sizing bitch All the terramorphous class mods My PSN name is zombiemonsters , just PM me and we can work something out.

#58 Edited by Rotnac (867 posts) -

Platform: Xbox 360 only

Looking For

Item LevelElement TypeGearType
Level 50Shock ElementalConference CallShotgun
Level 50Slag ElementalConference CallShotgun
Level 50Shock ElementalShredifierCombat Rifle
----Digitized DeathMechromancer Headpiece
----XXXMechromancer Headpiece
----Class skins:
  • Dark Night (Zer0)
  • Dark Focus (Maya)
  • Black Ops (Axton)
  • Black is Black (Salvador)
  • None Blacker (Gaige)
Class skins:
  • Whiteout (Zer0)
  • All-Seeing Eye (Maya)
  • White Knight (Axton)
  • Stonewashed (Salvador)
  • Beyond the Pale (Gaige)
All Class Skins

Trade Offers

Item LevelElemental TypeGearType
Level 50Corrosive ElementalConference CallShotgun
----Blood of Terramorphous (I have two of these)Relic
----BoatmurdererGunzerker Head (Terra Drop)
----WidowmakerGunzerker Skin
----Space Knight, Special Edition: Snow BlindCommando Headpieces

Note: As of this update, I have plenty of Pink, Magenta, Purple, Orange gear for trade at this point where I cannot list all of them. I am primarily looking for custom head and skin pieces above anything else. I also have other Rare headpieces that are not listed available for trade.

Send me a PM on here if you're willing to make an exchange (and to exchange gamertags).

#59 Posted by TheLostSailor (7 posts) -

Hey guys! Looking to trade some legendary items on the Playstation 3, the ones I am willing to trade are the following:

Pitchfork ( Slag ), Ultraprecise Bunny, Impaler, Veruc, Lyuda ( Shock or Corrosive ). All of these guns are level 50 versions besides the Lyuda shock, but that version is the very best level 49 version of that gun and will dominate a few 50 legendaries. Important: I will trade any of these with exception of the Veruc and Impaler for the Siren head skin titled "Pretty In Punk", which I believe is bought with Torgue tokens in the newest DLC.

Guns I am interested in are the following:

Fire Veruc, Infinity, Baby Maker, Bonus Package, Badaboom, Razrez Lyuda, and Hellfire.

I will not trade for any items below level 50, exception on my level 49 shock Lyuda.

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Hey im looking for a level 50 bee shield (PS3) I am willing to trade any of the following items for it (I dont have a smartphone so i will just list the stats) -Autocorrecting fibber -Pistol -Blue rarity -Level 50 -Damage: 62094 -Accuacy: 89.3 -Fire rate: 30.0 -Reload speed: 5.9 -Magazine size: 1204 -Description: *Would I Lie to you? (Red text) *+50% love *+3,000% damage *Firing Increases Accuracy -Brand: Hyperion -Elemental: None -Stiky Hummin Lectrik Mruv -Grenade -Purple Rarity -Level 50 -Grenade Damage: 47489 x 7 -Blast Radius: 412 -Fuse Time: 2.3 -Description: *Spawns 7 child grenades *10277 Electrocute Damage per sec. *Breaks into a number of smaller child grenades that explode on impact. Brand: Bandit Elemental: Electricity -Captain Blade's Otto Idol -Relic -Blue rarity -Level 41 (From Captain Scarlett DLC) -Health returned on kill: +6.8% -Description: *Every man for himself. (Red text) *Curse of the Sudden-er Death! (Blue text) *Returns a portion of your health after each kill. -Brand: Eridium -Elemental: None My PSN is: Ben1sawsm

#61 Posted by Ben1sawsm (10 posts) -

Sorry if thats hard to read ):

#62 Posted by wckdjstr9 (2 posts) -

I am looking for a lvl 50 Baby Maker SMG and/or lvl 50 Conference Call. I have a Potent Flakker, Nifted Madhous, Slayer of Terra Mechro class mod, and id be willing to part with my lvl 50 Bee Shield if I am able to get both requested guns. Plus any amount of money up to 2.5 million. xbox gt is mLzzy

send me a message stating what you are willing to trade.

my phone is being temperamental, so the stats on my Bee is

Cap: 28007

Recharge: 23724

Delay: 6.44

Amp dmg: +49419

Shot drain: 0

#63 Posted by eclipsesis (1253 posts) -

I got the bee shield genuinely, and now that it's been nerfed I'm pretty pissed off but fair enough, no more I'm I doing things legit does anyone mind cloning the best legendary weapons for me? I know it's taking advantage of a broken system but I don't care anymore

#64 Posted by Thai15 (2 posts) -

I can trade a unending infinity legendary and/or a longbow legendary for a Jakob's hammer buster assault rifle or the Dahl emperor smg and some other legendarys as well possibly. On Xbox live gamer tag is THAI 15

#65 Edited by shrimplor (2 posts) -

Hi, I'm on Xbox Live as gamertag: RivetSean. Been farming the Warrior for a 3 days, and still no CC. I am looking for somebody to trade/dupe me a Lvl 50 Conference Call. I've got Intense Unkempt Harold, The Bee, Homing Caustic Leech, Impaler, Barking Volcano, and a ton of Pink/Purple Gear (all Lvl 50). Thanks.

#66 Posted by Lukeweizer (3065 posts) -

Am I wasting my time farming the Confrence Call without the Moonshot? I know the chances of getting an Orange with the Moonshot kill are waaaay higher, but I'd have to play through the game 1 and a half more times to get to the level 50 Warrior again to do Moonshot runs. Are the chances of getting an orange so abysmal without the Moonshot worth just playing through the game again?

#67 Posted by jp189512 (2 posts) -

Looking to get a Hawkeye sniper and an infinity pistol of at least a level 50, got a dozen or so legendarys, all of them level 58(except my legendary hunter mod which is level 56) message me on live to setup, gamertag is jp189512

#68 Edited by R34P3R97 (2 posts) -

Looking for legendaries will trade a sticky longbow bonus package

Looking for rapid infinity lvl 50 or tumt skullsmasher MSG on Xbox R34P3R97

#69 Posted by Fawk9 (3 posts) -

i have the legendary smg baby maker willing to trade for the gun mad hous'!

#70 Posted by Fawk9 (3 posts) -

xbox 360

#71 Posted by Dimsimy (2 posts) -

Platform : Playstation 3

Username : TankedTwo

Requesting : ANY level 50 sand hawk

Reward : level 50 Blast prof bee shield

Capacity : 18,732

Recharge rate : 16,108

Recharge Delay : 5.88

Amp damage : +39,827

Amp shot drain : 0

[ Reduces damage taken from explosions ]

#72 Posted by Jakewizz (2 posts) -

Dose anyone wanna trade I have

Legendary class mod for the assassin, gunzerker,soldier.

Slayer of terramorphous class mod for siren,assassin,gunzerker,soldier.

14 legendary shields

3 legendary guns:rapid infinity,razrez white death,venture. Longbow.

6 legendary Grenade mods.

And some other legendary guns on my other save msg me on Xbox my gt is jakewizzz.

#73 Edited by heavyarms2673 (2 posts) -

Looking for 50+ infinity pistol for gift or trade have a few 50 legendary for trade Xbox gt heavyarms29

On daily in the evenings

#74 Posted by DeadSpace3Fan123 (4 posts) -

@mosespippy: I am looking for that boatmurderer head for the Gunzerker if you still have it

#75 Posted by DeadSpace3Fan123 (4 posts) -

Does anyone have any rare Gunzerker or Psycho skins and heads? I have many items to trade most orange and 2 pearlescent ranging from lvl 50-61. Oranges are all but 1-3 level 50 rest are 61. Only Playstation 3.

#76 Posted by mosespippy (4746 posts) -

@deadspace3fan123: I should still have it, but my copy of the game is at my brother in laws house. I should be able to get you sometime next week assuming I can get my truck fixed.

#77 Edited by Se7en_Turtlez (2 posts) -

Hey guy, I'm looking for a E-Tec

(Tediore Plasma Paster) (50) electric elemental. I will trade or buy it for what ever you want, if I don't have what you want ill let you see all my orange Lvls. I want the gun to have a really high level of damage. If this appeals too you please message me on XBL: Se7en Turtlez

Thanks For You're Time

#78 Posted by DeadSpace3Fan123 (4 posts) -
#79 Posted by bnodamost (2 posts) -

Looking for mechro head dropped from terramorphous and stalker pistol. I'm willing to trade any of my lvl 61 orange,pearls, pink, weapons, nades, class modes and relics.

xbl: ProvidenceDeath

#80 Edited by vaca_borderlands (2 posts) -

I am on the PS3 and I have:

lvl 50 slayer of terramorphos for all classes except psycho.

lvl 48 AND lvl 60 practical Conference Call

lvl 50 Fire leech legendary grenade mod

lvl 50(or 48 dont remember) shock deliverance shotgun

lvl 48 Infinity non-ele

lvl 50,57 and 60 The Bee

lvl 50 Transformer shield (shock charges it)

i also have some commando and assassin heads

I am looking for a high level infinity and any legendary or unique(e.g. the elephant gun) sniper rifles and revolvers. if yo need any stats on any of the listed above or are looking for anything else(i have some other stuff) hit me up on the psn: ExtremeBIGBOSS

#81 Edited by CaptainMichelle (2 posts) -

I'm on Xbox 360, and all I want is a Kawaii Killer head.

I'm willing to trade Seraphs, Pearlescents, or legendaries.

Some of which are; Lucid Florentine, Deep Seraphim, O-Negative grenades, Big Boom Blasters, Hoplites, Avengers, Stalkers, Conference Calls, Bee, Transformer, Banbury Storm, Longitudinal Longbow, Longbow Storm front, Homing Pandemic, Fire Leech, Sticky Longbow Bonus Package, and Impaler.

Send me a pm here, and I can provide details on anything you ask about.

#82 Posted by ace71887 (2 posts) -

hey guys I am looking to do some trades i have the slayer of terramorphous mechromancer mod, looking to trade for an infinity pistol or sham, also have tons of purples same gamer tag on xbl as my name here ace71887 hit me up or if you just want to go kill some raid bosses

#83 Posted by jaybrew1 (2 posts) -

hey if anyone can help me get the kawii killer head mod on ps3 or trade me a spare wiling to give any level 61 lend or if i have it been trying to get this forever!

#84 Posted by Pascall166 (3 posts) -

@tennmuerti: What for your Assasin skin? Platform?

Thanks, Do you have the Kawaii killer head?

#85 Edited by Pascall166 (3 posts) -

Yah, I need the Kawaii Killer head to on pc steam: Soul_reaper - The Death God. I can give any gun you want in op8 or lower, and if you just want to farm Vermi I'm up to do that to.

#86 Posted by SPARTAN117312 (2 posts) -

Hey Guys, I need

Lvl 61 confrence call ( Non-Elemental ), Lvl 61 Confrence Calls, Lvl 61 Hellfire, Lvl 61 Shredifier, Lvl 61 sawbar ( Pearcalant ) have almost all seraphs and some pearcalent ( I got lvl 60 saw bar but i'd go for 61 ) and lots of legends, and the grog nozzle.

Here's my PC Steam ID :

#87 Posted by ZeroDaedric (2 posts) -

Need someone to trade me any weapon for the challenge on ps3 my psn is ZeroDaedric

#88 Posted by Zed_Vayne (2 posts) -

@tennmuerti: Hey, Mind if you can dupe a lvl 50 Corrosive Conference Call, Flowers on your grave assassin skin or a resolute shredifier? Thanks! I'm on pc. Name: FaintExistance ||| Picture: DropTheBass

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