Conference Call Farming Failure

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Okay, so I've heard about the wonders of the combined Bee shield and the conference call shotgun and decided to do some farming. After two or three hours (with the +5% relic) I managed to get 3 Bee shields - pretty nice. I've now farmed the warrior for more than 20 hours over the last two weeks trying to get a conference call to no avail. The only orange drops I've had are a shield and a mask. I'm using the Bee shield and I'm able to farm the warrior about 10 times an hour, so I figure I've tried over 200 times by now and still no hint of a conference call. Anybody have one they want to unload? :-P

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The game has been patched to make the bee+conference call combination less game-breaking, so it might not be worth your time anymore.

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Iv got them both there really good but its 100% chance that the warrior will drop a orange the fist time you beat him i got mine the first time i beat him on tvhm

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are you on XBL? If so i can just dupe it for you - add me (Doc Mern) with a message regarding and ill pop in to drop for you

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This will surely help and will require only a few 'the warrior' killing for it to drop the conference call.

I also spent hours in killing THE WARRIOR or the guy dropping the BEE SHIELD but didn't get them. then something came to my mind. at the beginning of the game, u start with some loot and one of them, in your inventory, is a stone that says, '5.0% rare loot drop' or something like that. i ran a new game and keep this stone till I fight the THE WORRIOR in true vault hunter mode. and i got the CONFERENCE CALL on the first kill and obtained the BEE SHIELD the third time killing the guy in Arid Nexus-Boneyard. try it.

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