Does your significant other enjoy "hardcore" video games like Borderlands 2?

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I thought I'd make a poll and see how the numbers actually stack up. It should be interesting.

Please use this thread to discuss any relevant stories or experiences you've had with this topic in general.

Just don't use this thread to specifically discuss Borderlands 2's "girlfriend mode," which was the inspiration for this poll. Use the original thread instead:

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Yea, she's pretty into video games. Not so much posting lengthy blogs about them, but definitely the video games.

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My girlfriend and I actually met through video games. We mostly play FPS'es together (Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead, and Killing Floor), although we've also spent quite a bit of time on Minecraft.

I hate the whole "this game is hardcore, this isn't" bit, though.

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My situation is a little too nuanced for the broad strokes that this poll presents. I'm a guy and generally speaking my wife does not enjoy playing hardcore games. But every once and a while a game comes along that she falls in love with and when she does play, she plays pretty hardcore.

I'm gonna vote B though, because these games are very far and few between.

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I'm still not sure what quantifies "Hardcore" but my bf just sort of plays the 360 occasionally, Borderland included at one point, because it's there. If it were to break or something, he probably wouldn't miss it that much. Soooooo I guess... kind of?

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Yeah, I guess I'd say so. She's played through Gears 2 & 3 with me recently, and we played a good deal of the first Borderlands before that. She'll play most anything that's released, regardless of how, *sigh* "hardcore" it is, if the story and/or mechanics are of interest to her

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My girlfriend only plays fitness and Iphone games. So she's pretty casual. I would like to introduce her to Minecraft, but I feel it would overwhelm her.

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My girlfriend can't shoot a guy on an FPS, but kicks my ass in Tekken, so...?

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@medacris said:

I hate the whole "this game is hardcore, this isn't" bit, though.

For the record, so do I. It's why I put it in quotation marks in the thread title. But roughly half of all people who play some type of video game are female, and I'm looking more for stats on people who play games like Borderlands, Uncharted, or Skyrim. And also for the record, I play and enjoy plenty of "casual" games myself.

Either way, it's all quite subjective anyhow.

@MikeGosot said:

My girlfriend can't shoot a guy on an FPS, but kicks my ass in Tekken, so...?

I'd go with does play. I'm sure there are plenty of male gamers who aren't FPS fans either.

@Cubidog1 said:

My girlfriend only plays fitness and Iphone games. So she's pretty casual. I would like to introduce her to Minecraft, but I feel it would overwhelm her.

I also suggest Portal. It's a great introduction to gaming, and she doesn't need to hold the controller unless she wants to. You can do that, and just have her tell you what she wants you to do.

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My wife likes L4D2 and RPGs/MMOs, so yeah, I'd say she likes "hardcore" games.

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ha Borderlands hardcore, good one!

damn I hate that term

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She plays most things, particularly shooters and RPGs, but doesn't enjoy playing online generally, just split screen.

I'm hoping to get her to play TF2 with me when I finally get my second PC back up and running (I want a permanent pocket medic when I go soldier or demoman, sue me!)

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B. She ain't no gamer. :(

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WTF is wrong with you. We don't have girlfriends.

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I don't have a significant other. *Flops onto his back, arms out and sighs heavily*

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@Sooty said:

ha Borderlands hardcore, good one!

damn I hate that term

Yeah this bears repeating. Video games are video games and if there is a "hardcore" video game out there borderlands is not it.

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My girlfriend and I both S-ranked the first Borderlands and we both have the $150 Loot Edition of Borderlands 2 on preorder.

It's bliss.

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Yeah, she's into video games. She's better than me at Bayonetta and some other character games. I'm probably better at shooters, fighters and racing. We're about the same in RPGs because she understands math.

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We play this all the time, and I will fight you if you say this isn't hardcore. Shit gets real.

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My wife S-Ranked Borderlands before I did. We've got two copies of B2 coming... so, yeah.

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There's probably a large demographic of guys on here that have never had partners or gfs and live in Moms basement. So yeah, you're being discriminatory and possibly racialist in not acknowledging them.

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Fiance had a DS and a NES. And kind of likes retro gaming. But not really. She played MK9 because she recognized it. Overall I'm happy she understands how important it is to me and generally doesn't give me shit about it. Unless I ignore her when she walks thru the door.

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My fiance would fall into category A, though she is much more casual about it than I am (it will take her months to finish a title). She enjoys Telltales Walking Dead game the most, but she did enjoy Mass Effect 3, Skyrim, Batman: Arkham City, and Lego Batman 2. Even though I wouldn't call Bejeweled a hardcore game at the level she plays at - it is an insanely hardcore game.

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Yeah, she enjoys some. The Gears of War series mainly.

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My last serious relationship was so long ago that the current generation of consoles was still called "next gen".

... yeah.

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I guess so, we did play some games together and she liked games, so sure.

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My girlfriend isn't a fan of video games overall. Occasionally I've managed to lure her into a session of Rayman: Origins.

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no, my current gf (i've lived with her for 4 years now) has no interest in games at all. but then again i have no interest in her 'TV shows'.

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No, and I am glad. She has a Wii which she only plays when others are over and likes playing Genesis for like 20 minutes a year. For this I am happy. I don't really want my gf playing games. I don't really even play as much as I did anymore with life getting busy. I only play games like 2-4 hours a week anyways total so its not really as huge of a part of my life as it was.

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G. I'm a guy, and me or my girlfriend wouldn't class borderlands as a hardcore game.

Hardcore....Borderlands, really?.

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Nope my wife is not a fan of games.

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Nope. She doesn't play hardcore games (as defined as real video games and not bullshit you play on an iPhone or on Facebook). If I can ever trick her into it, she's gotta play on the easiest setting otherwise she gets too frustrated and quits.

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I have no clue what hardcore even entails, but my ex (that I currently live with, long story) raided and did Arena with me the majority of her WoW time, until we both quit. She enjoyed Old Republic more than I did, but it was on my account, and I stopped that after the free month. She likes her RPGs, currently likes Borderlands and LoL, and she mentioned wanting to play Fallout 3 and/or New Vegas. Oh, she also introduced me to Bioshock and Mass Effect.

No idea if any of these would be considered Hardcore, but in any case, she played them all, but usually at a slower pace than I would, or in the case of LoL, only plays bot games.

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Single at the moment, but three of my exs played video games with me. One like soul caliber and rayman on the ps1, the other played diablo 2, (will be playing diablo 3 with me soon). and the last one had a HL2 sticker on her mustang. None of them were into it as much as me though.

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Single at the mo'. Ex could play some casual games now and then and really liked rock band. Wasn't really an issue since I tend to not play so much vidyah games when I'm with someone.

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