Gamestop Midnight Launch

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Went to my local Gamestop, which I haven't been to in years since I always buy through Amazon, and holy shit was their midnight launch horrible. Dumb Borderlands trivia questions for promotional boxes and other trash, which was actually better than listening to a group of 20 something year old dudes talk about Pokemon and throw up random internet jargon and memes. I'm nerdy enough to go to a midnight launch, which was the first I've been to since GTA 4 and only my second, but man, I felt so embarrassed to be part of this culture of ours in that half hour. Great game though so far.

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@benitobb said:

listening to a group of 20 something year old dudes talk about Pokemon and throw up random internet jargon and memes.

I found this hilarious because that is my experiance each time I go to Gamestop. A couple of weeks ago there were a bunch of beared men debating very loudly which generation of Pokemon were the best. I thought fuuuuuck I don't want to come here anymore.

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Mine was hilarious. My cities sheriff is apparently a fan of the game and was there to pick it up. Some moron hit his parked car while trying to park. A few minutes later the same moron was trying to leave and hit another car on his other side while backing up. He did not stay and 350 people all read his plate number. Didn't matter because the goddamn sheriff already had his details. Funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

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Which is why when entering any store, one's ears should always be plugged with loud music. The only time the music stops is when, for 30 seconds, you have to interact with the cashier.

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Ours was great. A girl who worked their had her boy friend deliver pizza and we had dinner. The manager himself all most fell off a ladder.

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I went to a midnight launch of NCAA football a few years ago when I lived in Tempe, which is near ASU. The line was out the door, and I've never seen so many guys ashamed to be at a GameStop at midnight. They all had a look of "please don't talk to me or recognize me" the entire time.

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I got to my GameStop at 10 PM yesterday, played the game for an hour and met some really nice people. 

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I didn't know midnight launches varied in quality that much! I still have yet to go to one but feel like I should experience at least one in my life.

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@benitobb: I did it a few times before, but never again for the same reasons you have stated. I'm patient, so I can wait to pick up games the next day or week. If I am still up, and have cash to burn, I just head to Walmart and get that shit over with (the one I go to normally have their big-release games on shelves by 11:45 pm).

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I went to the midnight launch of Skyrim, it was packed to the gills at the Gamestop by my house, but it was cool, waited in line around 15 minutes and got my game. Took my then 11 year old son with me, and he thought it was amazing, lol.

It was the first midnight launch I'd been to since the Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor launch.

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My Midnight release was pretty mundane but I got there at 11:55pm. Only had to wait ten minutes.

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