Glitch with latest patch? (Good news, for me at least)

#1 Posted by fuzzy510 (206 posts) -

So I just booted up BL2, and was asked to apply the patch that fixes the Badass Rank glitch, which I was lucky enough to not be afflicted by. Went to check to see if I had any unspent Badass tokens that I had forgotten about, and I did. 63 of them. My Badass Rank shot up to 13,000, double what I remember being at previously. And lest anybody think that I have just been challenge-whoring to boost that up, my only character is a Lvl 40 commando - I'm not sure that it's even possible for me to have gotten 13,000 Badass rank even if I had tried.

Also, I found myself with 14 (!) golden keys, and I know damn well that I didn't have anywhere near that many pre-patch.

So am I absurdly lucky, or has anybody else seen this?

#2 Posted by miva2 (226 posts) -

@fuzzy510: The same happened to me yesterday! i was playing local co-op with my brother. We quit the game and entered again a bit later and got a notice saying I had 15 golden keys (had 5 before) and 5000+ badass points where i had somewhere in the 2000s. badass points about doubled and keys trippled.

I don't mind, I could use that sweet new shield i got from the chest :D

And i'm closer in badass points to my brother who has played more on his other characters. He was not affected, only my character.

#3 Posted by Rotnac (838 posts) -

@fuzzy510: Not a glitch, you probably were affected and not have noticed.

The latest patch addressed a previous bug/issue with people who completed challenges but didn't get the points awarded (or had the points but lost them and couldn't re-earn them from challenges still being marked as completed). Resetting the specific challenges for those affected from lost BA Ranks couldn't be done, so Gearbox gave the appropriate amount a points lost to be used again (which is just as good). They additionally gave 10 golden keys to everyone affected due to the glitch.

You can check out the patch notes here to see what else they changed/fixed.

#4 Posted by miva2 (226 posts) -

@Rotnac: Thanks! But it's still strange my badass points doubled, and fuzzy510 's too. i don't think I have ever lost any points as it was my only active character. i have a few others around lv 7 - 15 but those didnt get many badass ranks.

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