Golden key x2?

#1 Posted by Khadyn (242 posts) -

I bought the preorder for Borderlands and got the Golden Key as part of the bonus. Weird thing is I signed up for the Shift thing that is available in the options and was told I received a Golden Key. I now have 2 Golden Keys and curious if I can use both in first run thru or would the chest reset in new game + and allow me to get another set of epic weapons? Anyone ideas or possible link explaining this? Thanks!

#2 Posted by shinboy630 (1333 posts) -

This thread x2?

#3 Posted by MB (14470 posts) -
@Khadyn the keys are single use only, they won't reset in a new play through. Don't use them!!
#4 Posted by andrew2696 (456 posts) -

Wait I signed up for SHiFT and got nothing. Does it just go to your keys automatically?

#5 Posted by Khadyn (242 posts) -

@MB: Was thinking either wait til I hit lvl 50 or the first DLC to come out but, I'll see how the game progresses for loot at higher lvls...

@andrew2696: I logged out and came back on an hour later, went into the Extras section and it said Thanks for registering to Shift and I unlocked a Golden Key. When I goto the Badass Ranks in the ingame shows Golden Key with a 2 next to it. Funny thing is..I have it for both my X360 and PC copy and they both have 2 Golden Keys.

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Is there a way to tell if I have the Premium Edition that will include the extra character?

#7 Posted by Solh0und (1957 posts) -
#8 Posted by Barrock (3775 posts) -

@Solh0und said: I believe you get a extra key for signing up and linking your Gamertag(Isn't working for XBL yet)

I tried to agree to their EULA but it won't click.

#9 Posted by Solh0und (1957 posts) -

@Barrock: Did you scroll all the way down?

#10 Posted by Barrock (3775 posts) -

@Solh0und said:

@Barrock: Did you scroll all the way down?

I figured that was the problem and made sure I did. Still won't let me.

#11 Posted by Solh0und (1957 posts) -

@Barrock said:

@Solh0und said:

@Barrock: Did you scroll all the way down?

I figured that was the problem and made sure I did. Still won't let me.

Hmm... I hear on some browsers it doesn't work. I registered through chrome

#12 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1397 posts) -

@Solh0und: You can register in-game.

#13 Posted by HolyCrapItsAdam (581 posts) -

I got my 2 keys the same way. I used one of them and got 2 shields that were worse than the one I had at equipped at the time so I sold them both. With the random loot system, you will more than likely find something better in the world than what that chest will get you. I am gonna save the second key till im max level but I honestly probably wont even use what I get cause I will already have something better

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