Has anyone seen this type of gun?

#1 Posted by psylah (2281 posts) -

In Borderlands, I loved using the SMGs that shot 4 bullets at the same time (100 x4 for example, I call them Shotgun SMGs).

So far, about 27 levels into Borderlands, I've found 1 SMG, a Dahl, that shoots x2.

Has anyone seen an x4? Or were they lost in the sequel jump?

#2 Posted by Phyrlord (193 posts) -

I loved these SMG's too in BL.. but they seemed crazy OP. From what I have seen of BL 2 all the guns are very balanced out, out with the "Boom Head shots" and in with the "Shit.. this guy is resistant to my 2 main guns, what now?"

I also heard that there is a much bigger focus on new game+ so the big multipliers might not be found until them. I didn't see those kind of SMG's until 45ish in BL.

#3 Posted by Spoonman671 (5315 posts) -

No, I think all I've found was x2 versions.

#4 Posted by DystopiaX (5416 posts) -

Man I remember there was a really OP SMG in BL1 that had really good accuracy, x4, and fire damage. With Lilith you could tech up the elemental abilities tree to make it even stronger and it would kill everything basically instantaneously.

#5 Posted by Ares42 (3167 posts) -

Think they sorta replaced those with the bigger "more damage, more ammo consumption" feature on guns.

#6 Posted by Barrabas (408 posts) -

I found a x3 pistol, but nothing more than x2 on a smg yet.

#7 Posted by AlexW00d (7099 posts) -

I have a 4* explody assault rifle that is essentially a grenade launcher.

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I've seen some assault rifles with x3 bullets fired per shot so far.

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