Hyperius the Invincible - Someone With Knowledge Please Help Me!

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Hoy hoy

Most videos and guides suggest using the Baby Maker to pretty much kill him before he even gets a chance to get up his shield. So I went to farm Mad Dog for a Baby Maker, and eventually managed to find one (granted, it was only level 49 with a fire proc, but still). So apparently all you have to do is hold down the trigger with the Baby Maker while spamming reload, and Hyperius should die before he even puts up his shield. That is not the case for me, as I only manage to get him to ~50% health, then his shield goes up and his minions spawn, and then everything goes to hell. Which brings me to the following questions:

  1. Does the stats on Baby Maker matter at all? For example, do I need it to have a slag proc instead of fire for increased damage?
  2. Is the problem that I'm trying to solo him on playthrough 2.5? Is he easier / have less health on the normal playthrough?
  3. Another guide says that Infinity from Dr Mercy ignores the shields Hyperius and his minions puts up. Should I just farm for that gun instead and find a good hiding spot?

Please someone help me, as this fucking boss is driving me nuts. :(

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I can't help because I'm only level 41, but maybe knowing your class might help advice givers? Perhaps you need to be specced in a certain way?

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@Metzo_Paino: I'm a Siren, but I don't think it matters too much what class you are for the strategies mentioned above...

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I haven't tried yet but, I think you need an electric weapon as those take out shields faster than anything else.

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@GTCknight: He and his minions have special shields, that reduce any damage by a crapload of % (the shields jump between him and his minions), so it's not a standard shield. Hence the "Infinity"-strategy seems to be somewhat viable, since damage from that gun ignores those special shields.

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I think most people use a Tediore Relic to increase the magazine size. Maybe respec your character to increase the magazine size if you can. Also, what system are you on? I might have a better Baby Maker for you but mine is also lvl 49.

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@mosespippy: Yeah, I've been thinking about the relic-choice as well. Currently I'm just using a +29% Damage to Tediore, but apparently there's a +30 Damage / +70% Magazine Size to be found. Oh, and I'm on X360.

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@Cincaid: Didn't know that, like I said before I haven't fought him yet (to busy trying to farm for weapons).

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@peachesrcool: Siren, sadly. :(

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@Cincaid: I'm on PS3 so I can't help you out with my Baby Maker or Infinty. Sorry.

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@mosespippy: No problemo! :)

Will probably farm Terramorphous a while for a shot at that relic, since he seems to have increased droprate on relics.

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@Cincaid said:

Will probably farm Terramorphous a while for a shot at that relic, since he seems to have increased droprate on relics.

As a fellow Siren, any tips on farming Terramorphous solo? (Apart from getting to level 50 first)

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@Metzo_Paino said:

@Cincaid said:

Will probably farm Terramorphous a while for a shot at that relic, since he seems to have increased droprate on relics.

As a fellow Siren, any tips on farming Terramorphous solo? (Apart from getting to level 50 first)

Well, here's how I do it :) :

  • Firstly, get yourself The Bee shield. You'll learn to love that item.
  • Secondly, get yourself a good shotgun with fire proc on it. I saved almost every sidequests on my TVHM playthrough until I hit 50 (since all quests and their rewards scale to that level by then), so once I hit 50 and killed the final boss I went and completed the quest for RokSalt, which is more than sufficient for this boss.
  • After you have these items, head to Terramorphous. Straight after activating the horn, I run back towards the entrance of the arena. In the rocky area there's a rock you can hide behind to avoid most projectiles from Terra and his minions (but not his melee). YouTube it, or experiment...it's not difficult to find the rock!
  • Hide behind the rock, use Phaselock on Terra every time he emerges (get the skill so Phaselock slags the enemy), and then unload the shotgun on him and try to aim for his eyes. He should go down in ~30 seconds, and if he gets within melee range your DPS is just too low. You can more or less ignore his minions, or just shoot them whenever he's submerged.

Hope it helps! He drops some fancy stuff, especially some really nice class mods.

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Infinity doesn't ignore jack shit that's for sure, I have an infinity and it's still barely scratching him with or without the Bee. The Bee still works technically it's not nerfed, the problem is that Hyperious does about 100k damage in his one/two aoe attack that you have to live through. Making using a Bee pretty much instadeath. And the boss also has a straight up damage threshold which is why the Bee don't work to burst him down at the start with normal bullets.

When his minions are out this attack is relatively rare, so you can just burn them all down by circle strafing, and recharge between the killer AoE's. Problem is in the second stage when all his minions are down he starts to jump around and do the AoE much more frequently, my Gunzerker just can't regen fast enough between them while gunzerkering is down. I suspect however that a siren or soldier with a huge focus on shields and shield regen should be able to take him out without a hitch. All you really need to bring him down solo is be able to regen around 100k shields/health between his every two jumps in stage two.

EDIT: oh and apparently Axton's turret shield completely stops one of his novas ... which would make the fight silly easy.

Or just ignore all that and cheeze it with the a good Tediore gun, like the Baby Maker, because they seem to ignore his damage reduction

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Some great advice on here to deal with this boss. Thanks all for the tips

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Hey I beat him today as a Siren it was very close, but I used the Baby Maker to start the fight and did as much damage as I could before he summoned his bots, at which point I circled around him while using the phaselock to draw everybody together (skill tree converge) and shot rockets (decent rocket laucher Terramorphous dropped) and threw corrosive grenades to slowly chip away at the bots. Then leaving one last bot alive started using Baby Maker again when his shield was down. This worked up until he jumped and put me into last stand, but he had low enough health to just keep throwing Baby Makers at him which finished the job. Far from a perfect victory but as a fellow solo Siren hope it kinda helps. All I know is after trying Master Gee I'm done with these super boss battles too stressful.

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