I just lost my golden key

#1 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

So in a unique brand of stupid on my part i accidentally gave the game my key for free. I just got home 30 minutes ago and loaded my level 8 Gunzerker in Sactuary and it spawns me in front of a weapon chest that is having texture pop in issues. I mistook it for a normal weapon chest pressed square to open it and took the two purple weapons. i then realized what i had done and turned my ps3 off hoping it hadn't saved. When i loaded the save i had no keys and neither of the weapons i had picked up were in my inventory. Of course all of this cold have been avoided if i had just paid better attention, but a nice "are you sure" when dealing with rare items would be nice.

#2 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

@SeanCoughing: Sign up for Shift in the extras menu and they will give you an extra one.

#3 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

Thanks for the heads up man

#4 Posted by BoFooQ (870 posts) -

I did the same thing, I had heard that you only get to use it once so I had planned on waiting but I opened the chest without even realizing what it was. The 2 guns I got were both mostly trash too. I used one for a while but they looked better than they actually were. I'll try signing up for shift but I hope there are more ways of getting more keys in the future.

Sign/warning should be much larger.

#5 Posted by takayamasama (570 posts) -

@SeanCoughing: Don't worry bro, your not alone. I did this on my level 7 Zero. I just wandered in that room and saw a treasure chest, and greedy me ran over and clicked before thinking.

That being said, it gave me a badasssssss sniper rifle, so I am owning dudes left and right currently. Hopefully there are more ways to get keys in the future. Or maybe they are drops in harder difficulty?

#6 Posted by Czarpyotr (357 posts) -

They don't drop in game ever again. Go check out the post I just made at the top of the borderlands 2 forum. There is a way to get an unlimited number of them.

#7 Posted by takayamasama (570 posts) -

@Czarpyotr: I'm on the 360, but even then, no point in cheating that system, wouldn't be fun.

#8 Posted by triple07 (1240 posts) -

Yep I lost mine too. Me and a buddy were playing coop and we found this chest that was just sitting there so obviously I ran and opened it right away. Well turns out it was the golden chest and it used up my key...all I got was some decent grenades but as I was like level 6 or 7 so I've already found better. I'll have to try signing up for shift whatever that is.

#9 Posted by Jay_Ray (1245 posts) -

You guys are lucky, I got 2 shields that were worst then the one I had equipped.

#10 Posted by MrMuscle (496 posts) -

Same here, i saw a chest and clicked it. The game has trained you to click every chest you find, so i didnt think this was any different. Got two pistols out of it.

#11 Posted by emem (2051 posts) -

So is there only that one golden chest in the game? And if it is the only one, does the loot in that chest scale with your level so it would actually be worth opening it later in the game (new game+)?

#12 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

@emem: Yeah, it scales to your level.

I too ran up to the chest hit X and about a second after doing it realized what I had done. They should have put a warning on it or something. Also the shift thing isn't giving me the key so I'm all sorts of sad over here. What a total bummer.

#13 Posted by laussica (187 posts) -

Do you think it's worth waiting until I'm a higher level to open my chest?

#14 Posted by konig_kei (778 posts) -

I don't get what the big deal is? Rarity doesn't matter and you'll always find a better gun.

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