Is there a gun that shoots money?

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I have not played this game, but I do know that there are crazy guns, and money becomes worthless.
 Gun that shoots money, or does more damage the more money you have, or shoots money at a rate that depends on how much money you have left is it a thing?

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@I_smell Not to my knowledge, but a shield in the latest DLC drops cash when you're hit. Close enough :)
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Tweet that to Randy Pitchford as a suggestion. Seems obvious thinking back to some Final Fantasy games that had an attack that used the amount of money you had as either ammunition or a skill multiplier. Also it seems like it should have a concept page by now.

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A gun that uses your money as ammo is a great idea.

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yeah...tweet @ Randy I feel like he's the type of dude who would look at that and say "Yep let's do that"

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The gun that shoots money will be part of the Borderlands 2 Inception expansion. It will also include guns that shoot guns, money to buy more money with, and a new character class that starts at max level and you work your way down with negative xp.

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