LFG Borderlands Buddies! (PC)

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I don't know if there is another page for this, but I bought a copy of BL2 and my local friends did not. I am pretty busy with school and work, but I am looking for some GiantBombers on Steam that are cool with me hopping in games(mostly late at night) to play some co-op. Let me know if you guys are interested. I'm looking forward to it!

Steam name is joey2683

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Sure, would definitely be up for some co-op. Steam name is dudy80

#3 Posted by owack6 (253 posts) -

Feel free to add me too. Steam name: SimpleSamurai (isr)

#4 Posted by WasabiCurry (430 posts) -

If you need a co-op player; go ahead and add me as well: Steam name: WasabiCurry

#5 Posted by mosdl (3388 posts) -

Join the Steam GiantBomb PC Gaming Hub (link), we've got 600+ members which should help finding co-op partners. We have a free mumble server for voice chat as well.

#6 Posted by Joey2683 (397 posts) -

@mosdl: Thanks, I just joined.

#7 Posted by Freezer_Burn (213 posts) -

I'm in the Gaming Hub too, but my Steam ID is Darth_Bob911 if you ever need a co-op buddy.

#8 Posted by Kteven (62 posts) -

Also in the Hub, but my steam name is Kteven if you just want to add me. Always good to have more people to play borderlands with.

#9 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

Do you only play with people who speak English fluently?

#10 Posted by c0l0nelp0c0rn1 (1959 posts) -

Add me if you want, I'm going to be playing a ton of it come Tuesday.

steam ID: colonelpopcorn

#11 Posted by bibamatt (1123 posts) -

Feel free to add me, anyone. Got it pre-ordered to shit. Steam ID - Bibamatt

#12 Posted by Joey2683 (397 posts) -

@Funkydupe said:

Do you only play with people who speak English fluently?

If you can say things like "get him" or "shoot that guy" then were all set.

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I would very much like to play this with a couple CO-OP duders (im a UK guy so will only get this around midday friday next week) I just joined the hub but steam ID - Optix101

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Add me as well, I need BL2 co-op buddies: http://steamcommunity.com/id/reluctanthero

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I need some buddies to play with when I get the game later this week. So I'll add some of you folks, hope you don't mind. And feel free to add me too: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lucvargas

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I would love some more people to play online with. Few of my friends game any more!

Steam: DayLateGaming

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Guess I'll throw my hat in.With the Hub as well,but otherwise feel free to add me.Steam name's Vector Specter.

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@Optix12: I am in Ireland.Going to fire up today as well. Steam is Supes226, will add you to the list.

Also in the HUB as well

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Steam: forestd

I'm in europe-time, looking for some cooperative borderlands fun

Added some dudes (feel free to add me as well)

#23 Posted by Keystone_Yinzer (143 posts) -

Borderlands 2 co-op? Yes please. Steam Name: Barry Badrinath

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