Loot Gasms

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Spoiler: This story is not that good, but I'm coining the phrase Lootgasm.

I just got my hands on this sucker yesterday. And it is so so good. I'm rolling with Zero and just at level 8 after my first sit down. I wanted to talk about how this game really needs to do only one thing to make me happy. Open large boxes with unexplained untold amounts of moving mechanical parts and reveal butt tons of of sick guns. Zero can be a little squishy so pulling off melee attacks and getting mixed result with the varied amount of crap guns you get at the beginning of the game was proving mildly frustrating. My hope for a sniper rifle could only be matched by my disappointment as I continued to not get one. But then after defeating Flynt there it was. My first stupid big crazy loot box. It brought back so many memories. I forgot how good this game made you feel about just opening a big box. *silent fist pump* Cuz my lady was passed out on the couch next to me as we waited for all the good 10pm reality shows to kick-up. Then again right before heading into Sanctuary. An even bigger box with an even better sniper rifle. *Air Hump w/grunt* I cannot control these actions. I'm genuinely excited. Needless to say, I'm all in.

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Who doesn't jizz themselves every time they find epic loot?

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@bartok said:

Who doesn't jizz themselves every time they find epic loot?

I wish I did. Random loot does absolutely nothing for me! =[

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