love the loot hunt

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I really enjoyed borderlands 2, but hadn't played in several months. Not sure how I heard of loot hunt but its great. Everyday I go on the website and see who I'm suppose to kill and than go kill the guy. Most days rather than just spending the 10-20 minutes to go and kill target I find myself playing for an hour or so completing random missions and finishing DLC I never got through. If you haven't heard anything about it, the general idea is you go and kill daily target giving you and entry into prize pool. Now I never actually win anything in these big contest but none the less I'm having fun. I've thought about going back and finishing off DLC but never did. This contest has me playing borderlands bow everyday and I love it.

Go kill this guy and get this

No problem I go and kill the guy

If I'm lucky enough to win a prize in the end even better

If you have borderlands 2 you should get in on the loot hunt

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I really love the idea but I have a lot of trouble remembering to do it every day :(

I kinda wish they gave away more smaller prizes like free DLC or something, something more likely you'd win

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