lvl 50 please

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so yea i play on ps3 and my character is lvl 45 and i need lvl 50 so i can start farming bosses but idk how to get there cuz my weps im using right now suck and i get my butt whooped alot of the time so i need someone to help lvl me and if i get to 50 whoever helped me will get some lvl 50 oranges so if ur wanting some oranges and ur lvl 50 please come help me and ill give u some oranges so just add me on playstation network and tell me ur from the forums and we can get this thing started.


#2 Posted by _Chad (961 posts) -

You should try doing side missions.

#3 Posted by xyzygy (10103 posts) -

Try getting a Golden Key code if you're in a pinch for weapons. While they're not the best in the game, they're definitely better than the greens you'll be picking up. I find that sometimes blues are better than the Golden Key chest guns, but they're somewhat rarer in BL2...

#4 Posted by SeanCoughing (274 posts) -

I play on ps3 as well and I'm around lvl 40, I'll add you when I get home.

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Im level 50, my psn is Ben1sawsm :) add me

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