Missing product key

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So i pre-ordered via GameStop (PC) so i could have a hard copy of the game. The installer pops up a thing for a steam code to be entered. called 2K after i couldn't find anything in the box or booklet. They said it should be on the back of the booklet but the white margin on mine is totally blank. 2K is investigating the issue and had me send them pic of the back of the booklet and my payment slip.

Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue, its too early, so I haven't found anything online yet.

Guess i'll just wait...

#2 Posted by Mr_JPeps (180 posts) -

Well that was pretty good, 2K got me fixed up with a new key in about 10 to 15 mins.

Not to shabby!

#3 Posted by todd0168 (2 posts) -

Man this is crap. I have the same problem, but when I called they took my info but told me it could be up to 72 hours before I get the email telling me what it is I need to do to start the process of getting my missing key. >.>

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