New player advice.

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Just got this off of PS+ and so far am enjoying it. BUT this morning I tried leaving my game open for other people to join, and the two ass hats that joined just recked my game. I had just finished the boss fight where you kill Flynt, and befor I could loot anything they went to the ship and left. I tried to go back to get the stuff ( had to run the whole area again) and everything was gone.

So advise time? Try and find some people on GB to play with? Or just run it alone?


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Follow up, I would happily take any advice on the game( I as currently playing as a commando). Also if you want to join my game let me know or hit me up on twitter. Thanks.

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You can cancel any fast travel by opening up your inventory. If people try to control the fast travel system when I'm the host I just kick them out. You generally always want to host the game so you can kick people as you like if you are playing with randoms.

My first time through the game I'd play each story section by myself and then redo it with a group of people for better loot. Once I played more characters I had a stable of very good low level weapons that I'd give to my low level characters so I'd rarely run across anything worth picking up.

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@chance_s: I went through the game first as a Commando. Upgrade the turret and let it destroy everything, it's awesome.

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I only played Borderlands 2 with friends for that specific reason, but if you're playing with a bunch of idiots just keep entering your inventory to keep them from travelling until you get what you want, and then either kick them or leave for some (hopefully) friendlier players.

Also, Captain Flynt's a real bitch to get to. Most bosses don't take 10 minutes to encounter, though.

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Unless you have friends to play with this game is better singleplayer; there's no hardcore mode or something that would make it amusing to pug so you'll just be playing with completely random people who are most likely idiots. I did manage to find a few buddies that didn't speak english in Borderlands so by the time I get around to patching this I'll probably try a few public games with new characters, but you should probably beat the game first before you run into the horrifying public game expedition. First 2-3 hours isn't great except for the setting but it gets better quickly, certainly beats the hell out of the first game.

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Yeah, opening to public is very sketchy. Dupes and mods run wild in pugs too. Play alone and get your bearings first, then party up with friends. Check the forums at Gearboxes BL2 site. I met some very cool peeps there, and also look for a g-tag exchange on gamefaqs. Once you find one or two cool people to play with it does make the game exponentially more fun.

And the Commando is a great character, especially starting out. He's a real survivor, and his skill trees are all really can't go wrong in terms of how you spec him out.

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You can only get orange tier loot from bosses, badasses, unique enemies (like donkey mong or timon & pumba) or vending machines (very rarely). The chances of an enemy dropping orange tier loot is greatly increased the more players there are. Try not to have people in your party in Sanctuary since there are a couple quests that can be done in a second there and they might do it for you without you getting to experience them or they might choose the wrong ending.

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@chance_s: hey sorry if I'm late but I just started playing this game as well, id be down for playing with someone

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