Older Gamer Looking for PS3 Co-Op Compatriots

#1 Posted by MediaJunky (23 posts) -

I hope this doesn't break any rules on the forum. I am not much for posting. I am a 34 yo gamer with 3 kids and 2 jobs. I loved Borderlands and pre-ordered the second installment. I have lurked and loved Giantbomb for a long time now. I thought I would pose this question here and see if I could find some mature duders to play with. I don't really have any local buds with a PS3 or this game. My play schedule would be Mon-Fri around 8:30 to 10:30ish EST baring usual kid drama. I have a headset & mic and would love to team up and fully enjoy the game with others. I plan on rolling with a Soldier class if that makes a difference to people. My PSN is TntclRplnt.

#2 Posted by Unlogik (171 posts) -

Expect a PSN add. I'll be on around the same time, hopefully from 6:00PST on.

I'll probably be playing Soldier too, but shouldn't be a problem as I'm sure our specs will be different.

#3 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

I'm down to play as well, i'll add you on PSN before it releases. I'm playing through the first one again before 2 so add me on PSN at SeanCoughing if anyone wants to play.

#4 Posted by Unlogik (171 posts) -

@SeanCoughing: Added! I'm finally finishing up General Knox DLC, trying to hit LVL61.

#5 Posted by Spoonman671 (5136 posts) -

You can add me.  Just make sure you tell me who you are in the friend request.  I was planning on playing a commando as well, but if I can get enough people together to play co-op more than I did for the first Borderlands, then I'll probably play a Siren instead.
PSN: hubli

#6 Posted by RazielCuts (3077 posts) -

I played the first Borderlands on PS3 as my mate got it twice due to a delivery error but it wouldn't of been my platform of choice (controls were okay but it just didn't feel 'right', no FPS's do in my opinion). Another friend has got Borderlands 2 on PC for free with a new graphics card so I'm torn where I should play it.

It's £30 on Steam and £37 for PS3/360. From the QL the graphics don't look that improved so I think I could run it on my Dual Booted Mac, my PSN is RazielCuts if I end up getting it on there but I'll probs go for Steam, shall see how it runs when it comes out.

#7 Posted by Unlogik (171 posts) -

@Spoonman671: Added up!

#8 Posted by MediaJunky (23 posts) -

Thanks for the responses. I will check back periodically and add in PSN ids. For anyone else with a similar request, please feel free to use this thread and post your time zone & id to better your Borderlands 2 experience.

#9 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

@Unlogik: Nice, my save recently got corrupted so i had to start all over again. I have all the dlc so hit me up whenever you are on.

#10 Posted by you_smell_dude (13 posts) -

looking for co-op buddies as well. PSN is same as my name here. feel free to add me.

#11 Posted by corpulateguitar@gmail.com (45 posts) -

ill also add you my friend im a chef so im at work till the wee nights but im off some days so im sure we'll play. names Blake my PSN is PerilousOnset anyone can add me so please feel free

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I'm really thinking about picking it up. Feel free to add me as well. Psn - GetWhatYaGive

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Add me, too. I also have a family and limited game time, but I'd love to play co-op. PSN: Tha36thChamber

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I'm gonna do a slightly impertinent thing in @ing everyone in this thread, but I think it's highly relevant to what they were looking for.

@MediaJunky: @Unlogik: @SeanCoughing: @Spoonman671: @RazielCuts: @you_smell_dude: @corpulateguitar@gmail.com: @MightyDuck: @Tha36thchamber: Consider adding your name here. Just exchanging PSN names is all well and good, but often games don't get started through that method. We're gonna try and make sure that a game actually gets going for each group.

#15 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

I started a Giantbomb account just to post on the forums for BL2 coop friends.

I'm in the same boat MediaJunky. Things can get pretty busy, but I would love to run through a coop campaign.

Available mostly nights and weekends EST.

Don't have a class preference but I played BL1 as a soldier and siren.

Send me a friend message and we'll play. PSN: jou321

#16 Posted by Unlogik (171 posts) -

Will add all you guys later!

#17 Posted by Funkydupe (3458 posts) -

28 years of age. I like long evenings of gaming, red wine and slow motion head shots.

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