One hell of a ride.

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Man, it took me 45 hours to beat the campaign. This is with every possible side quest I could do. I was pretty impressed with the length. Although it was creeping up on WAY to many side quests. Anyone else think the campaign was a little too side quest filled?

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I put 120+ hours in... i barely ever get close to the 100 hour mark...

so no.

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I did a lot of it online so some quests were being started and finished without me even doing anything. I don't know how much I played but I have two level 50s and maybe 6 or 7 characters between 20 and 30. The worst part is that I didn't enjoy it.

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@mosespippy said:

The worst part is that I didn't enjoy it.

Wait, what?

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@megatronicles: The opening third of that game is really tedious and slow with no way to speed it up. From the start till Captain Flint it's an escort mision with CL4P-TP and you have to wait for him all the time. With ten characters, some on the second play through, I've done that opening section a lot. The characters that return from the first game are all overused and unfunny. With Sanctuary being cut off from the rest of the areas it breaks up the flow of gameplay. In the first game Firestone and the Rust Commons were major hub locations (and New Haven and Dahl Headlands being minor hubs) that you could drive to town from combat, turn in your quests, get new ones and drive out without slowing the group down. If you're in co-op and wanted to turn in a quest you could do it without taking the rest of the group out of combat and loading into a new area. Every time you have to go to Sanctuary in Borderlands 2 you have to load a new area that has no combat potential. It leads to a lot of standing around waiting for someone to sort through their bank or change their customization. What usually happens is people get bored waiting so they drop out. In Borderlands the motivation to play was to discover what's in the vault. It was a mystery that you had to seek out. With Borderlands 2 the motivation is to kill Jack. You know from the very beginning that you are going to kill him and everything along the way is just a chore. All this sucks the fun out of the game.

And then there are the technical problems, on the PS3 version at least. Every time the video overlay of Angel appears there will be one second with no frames. It there are a lot of bullets on screen (which happens a lot due to Conference Calls or high rate of fire weapons) the frames will crawl down to below 10/second. The audio is poorly mixed. Unimportant dialogue will cut off quest dialoge. For example, in the kill yourself quest, if you kill yourself Jack begins to say something (presumably something funny as a punchline to this joke quest) but it gets cut off by the dialoge of the respawn bot. Unlike in the first game you can't go back and liten to those recordings again so the only way to hear that joke is to have a co-op partner kill himself. Other times claptrap or town's people will interrupt quest dialoge.

The good part of that game is basically the three end game raid bosses: The Warrior, Terramorphous, and Vermivorous. Two of those can be dropped in under a minute but killing them is still fun. I've killed Terra solo maybe 300 times and still haven't gotten the loot I'm looking for. Verm is legit really fun. It's fun getting a group together with the sole purpose of trying to get one to spawn. Having a group let enemies just get more and more powerful and beat you up until finally one appears is great. With an average of one every 40 minutes of trying it feels like accomplishing something when you do get one. At some point I realized that is probably the appeal of Monster Hunter. Unfortunately it's the only enemy like that in the game and you need to be level 50 to have a shot at it.

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It is my GOTY for 2012, it's amazing.

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@mosespippy: Yeah fair enough, but what I was asking was; why did you play it so much if you didn't enjoy it? I can't understand why anyone would do that.

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I played ~20 hours and got bored, not even finishing half the primary campaign. So yeah. It's too long IMO.

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@megatronicles: Part of it was that I was unemployed and playing my brother in laws copy of the game while he was at sea. I had time to spare and limited time with the game so I was probably trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible. Additionally I would end up on the forums and did a lot of trading for customizations. Having three or four people add you every couple of days so they can trade with you results in you starting up the game for a moment or two and getting a cluttered inventory. The reason I have 10 characters is because 7 are mules for trade items. Another factor was the manipulation that is golden key codes. Whenever a code is put out on twitter you load up the game to put in the code and guess what; you've been tricked into starting the game.

I would play for a day and then not touch it for two. On the next day I'd have enough trades lined up and enough time would have passed that I could tollerate playing it again for a day.

Or maybe all that is bullshit and I just wanted to get the kitten ears for Maya, which are something like a 1/6400 drop from an enemy that has a 1/60 chance of spawning with a party of 4. It took a month for them to get into the hands of someone who would duplicate them. On 360 or PC it wouldn't have been an issue because mods unlocked all that stuff on day one.

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Going through playthrough 1 now and its my need to do every side quest that is making me not enjoy the game. Too many.


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Borderlands 2 is one of my favorite games this year, but I didn´t do everything in it. If you do that, you´re probably too highlevel for most of the sidequests you´re trying to do and I don´t think it´s a lot of fun to kill everything in one shot.

I never understood that weird completionist mentality about games. Nobody forces you to complete everything. Just do the parts that are fun.

The only thing I understand even less are people who play a game for literally hundreds of hours and then say they didn´t have FUN? What the fuck is wrong with you?! I played Skyrim for 250+ hours. The only reason for that: I had a lot of fun. Exploring is fun, reading books is freaking fantastic, I really liked that game. I just don´t get the mindset somebody has to have in order to play this for the same amount of time I did while not having fun at all. Either these people are massive liars or psychotic masochists.

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