Orange guns with crappy stats?

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So I farmed Dr. Mercy for about 20 kills until he dropped Infinity but when I picked it up the damage was 60!? What? I am at level 27 and rolling around with White Death dealing 786 damage and Mick Zaford's revolver "Maggie" (I miss Steve, Hi-yo!) doing 103x6 damage, so why such a weak number on the infinity? Every other orange weapon I have received has seemed adjusted to my current level except the infinity, could someone explain why the damage is so low on that gun and how I could get one that kicks more butt? I am playing on the 360 so any PC magic is probably out of the question.

#2 Posted by mosespippy (4747 posts) -

Weapons drop at the level which the enemies are. So if you were to go farm Knuckledragger you would get a level 2 weapon. This is why people shouldn't farm until they finish the game a second time, when all enemies scale to level 50.

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You definitely shouldn't spend any time farming until you're at level 50. Even if you found an amazing Level 27 Infinity, in a few hours of gameplay when you've finished the game and are on True Vault Hunter mode, that pistol will probably be useless.


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