Other people not able to join games on Steam?

#1 Posted by bkbroiler (1670 posts) -

Hey. I'm not able to join/be joined by SOME other people on Steam. I was able to get one guy to join my game, but can't connect to the main person I want to play with. The timer just ticks down and times out.

Have other people been experiencing this? I've turned my firewall on and off, tried a bunch of stuff, nothing works.

#2 Posted by markini6 (525 posts) -

Yep, me too. I assumed it might be cos I'm on a 3G connection, albeit with good ping and speeds, but perhaps not

#3 Posted by Philantrophy (356 posts) -

I have the same problem, people on the steam and gearbox forums are suggesting using hamachi as a temporary fix.

#4 Posted by bkbroiler (1670 posts) -

Yeah, I saw people say Hamachi and Tunngle or whatever its called. Damn.

Thanks guys. Good to know it's widespread, hope there will be a fix soon.

#5 Posted by Phyrlord (193 posts) -

It has to do with port forwarding and etc.. some friends have had issues, some not, a restart helped with some friends as well.

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